laura + robert | strathpeffer pavilion

Laura and Robert were married on 29th August at The Strathpeffer Pavilion. They were planning their wedding for a year & a half. Huge thanks to the lovely Gillian from Gillian Glover Maclean Photography for sharing her images of the day. You can catch Gillian on her website, Facebook, or Twitter.


"We always said that if we got engaged, we’d start planning our wedding immediately. We didn’t want life to get in the way! I think this was the perfect length of time to plan (although I did start to get pretty impatient a couple of months beforehand!)."

"I’ve always loved the building (Strathpeffer Pavilion) & it was my first choice … Robert just wanted me to have what I wanted! I’ve always loved the big semi-circle window, the shapes in the beams and the gardens. I knew I wanted to do all the styling myself, so I wanted a blank canvas to work with. The Pavilion however is enough of a blank canvas, but still has its own features and personality to work within. Their restaurant is amazing too, so it was nice knowing that catering was dealt with in-house. I wanted one venue for the whole day so that once we were there we could all relax."

"We’re both quite creative people (we met at a life drawing class - I was the model and Robert was drawing me!). I loved the way we worked together to make things personal & meaningful. Designing the invites took weeks! I had a vague idea & started to experiment, but I didn’t think they were really working …Robert suggested I hand write our names instead of the font I’d chosen & it instantly clicked into place."

"Robert chipped in every now & again with some good ideas …or to reign me in when I was getting too carried away or stressed! He helped with the invitations, the favours (also the initial seed bomb favours, which didn’t quite work, but were a lot of fun!) He also made our candy cart from a scabby old tea trolley!"

"I pretty much started planning my outfit about a month after we got together! I knew I wanted to wear a cape, so that was the first thing I searched for. I bought the cape on Etsy & then went in search of a dress to match! The first dress I tried on had the same lace as the cape, and along with me, my Mum and my sisters all loved it …we never all agree on anything, so I knew it was the one! I tried on about five more, but none came close. We all went out for lunch to mull it over and within two hours of first setting foot in a bridal shop, we went back and bought my perfect dress!
One night a few months before the wedding, something was niggling at me, so I tried on my cape again and decided it wasn‘t quite right… I started repositioning the flowers & found some beautiful delicate lace underneath. I decided to only leave two of the flowers (there were originally five) and add beading to the lace. I then used one of the flowers to make my head piece."

"We originally wanted a Humanist ceremony, but after contacting around ten Celebrants, I started to panic as nobody was available and we’d already booked our venue! Of course the panic set in late one night when nothing could be done about it! Robert convinced me to visit the Registrars office in the morning and when Kathleen, who turned out to be our Registrar, said she could marry us, I was almost in tears with relief! I thought we’d have to settle for a bog standard legal ceremony, but she worked with us to make sure it was exactly what we wanted. She even leant me my ‘something borrowed’ - a purse she’d used for her own wedding a few months before."

"I absolutely loved our ceremony. From walking down the aisle with my Dad, seeing Robert looking so handsome in his kilt, saying our vows in front of the people we love …but really there was only Robert & I in the room. Batman brought us our rings (with a little help from the best man), Robert’s sister read our favourite poem and The Beatles played in the background. It was perfect."

"I generally loved the way everything looked together. We didn’t have a colour scheme, or an overall theme in mind, so I worried that it’d all look a bit disjointed when I could finally see it altogether. But because we just chose things we liked, the colours naturally matched and it just worked! Our table centrepieces were cake stands made from mismatched china and glasses, draped with pearls, flowers in the top and vintage Batman cards as the table names - a perfect mix of the pair of us!"

"It sounds so cheesy, but saying my vows and looking into Robert’s eyes! Everything around us was a blur, and I think I fluffed my lines …but being able to say those words and hear them back was what it was all for."

"If you’re an arty crafty bride, don’t try and make absolutely everything! I tried to do too much, which almost took the fun out of the process. One thing I left to the professionals was my bouquet. I wanted to make paper or fabric flowers, but to achieve what I wanted would’ve taken months. I compromised by making pom-poms to give to the florist to add in with real flowers …they then added pearls and I absolutely loved the end result. Also if you’re not a crafty person, don’t worry, hand made isn’t always necessarily cheaper!"


Venue: The Strathpeffer Pavilion

Band: The Full Tilt Ceilidh Band, and DJ Butterscotch

Florist: The Flower Shop London House, Tain

Photographer: Gillian Glover MacLean Photography

"We really felt that all of our suppliers gave us a service that was personal and we felt supported by each of them."