gemma + matt | pollok house

Gemma and Matt were married on 30th May at Pollok House. They were planning their wedding for about a year. Huge thanks to Emma Lawson for sharing her images of the day. You can catch Emma on her website, Facebook or Instagram.

"We knew we wanted a venue that was a little bit different – and it was important to us to be married somewhere we can go back to year after year. Pollok House was actually one of the last venues we looked at and as soon as we saw the Library where the ceremony would be held, we knew it was the perfect place for our wedding – we loved the intimate feel of the room and the fantastic smell of the leather from all the old books. It was great to be surrounded by so much history during the ceremony and to be able to have a stately home as yours for the day!"

"Matthew and I work really well as a team so genuinely enjoyed just working through and picking all the little bits and pieces – there are a lot of fun elements of planning a wedding. We are both quite opinionated (!) so did clash over some decisions but got there in the end as we always do – and my planning spreadsheet kept us right with cost, dates, guest list etc. – although I did just ignore it in the last month as we started to blow the budget!"


"Honestly Matt was involved in every part and every detail from start to finish (apart from picking my dress – although he did surprise me by picking an amazing pair of Jimmy Choos to wear on the wedding day). It really was a team effort which was great as we were both so happy and excited on the day to see everything come together and all the people close to us there enjoying the day."


"I knew a typical wedding dress was not for me – being a bridesmaid three times before, I had gone through the experience of seeing my sister/friends try on their dresses and as much as it was a lovely experience, by the time it came round to our wedding, I wasn’t keen on going through the process myself! I saw the back of the wedding dress in a feature in the SWD about a month after we got engaged and tracked it down in a local evening gown store in Glasgow West End. The dress was a high neck vintage style column gown with cap sleeves and the most amazing low back with lots of intricate beadwork on the sleeves, back and waist of the dress. The material was satin backed crepe which just hung beautifully – I loved how plain and elegant the material was contrasted with all of the beading and that the back of the dress was a complete surprise in comparison to the front. I didn’t feel comfortable in a veil either so I opted for a mini birdcage veil and beaded hair comb from Lily Bella which gave me a “bridal touch” but still felt like my natural style."


"We had a Civil ceremony with some personal vows and two readings – “Union” by Robert Fulgham read by Matthew’s sister and a wedding poem ready by my elder sister. The readings were actually really emotional on the day and we're so glad we had our sisters as it gave it a real close family touch."

"Our favourite part of the day was the wedding breakfast – looking around the Dining Room during the meal and seeing all our close family and friends enjoying good food and great company. We had one large horseshoe shaped table as it meant there were no “table politics” as we were all on the one table and also that as the bride and groom we weren’t isolated at a separate top table. Matt and I both moved around to talk to people inbetween courses which was just a great way to spend a bit more time with people and make sure that everyone was having a good time which was really important to us. The meal and speeches were really relaxed and the room was so noisy with everyone chatting it was exactly what we had hoped for on the day – minimal formalities and just a big party!"

"Favourite detail of the day had to be seeing the table plan and all our finishing touches in place in Pollok House. For the table plan, we bought a vintage map of Paris in pastel colours which tied perfectly with our colour theme of pale pink and mint green with some glitz (inspired by the Laudree macaron boxes) – we covered the background board with some wallpaper from the feature wall in our living room at home and split up the horseshoe layout into small groups which were stops on the Paris Marathon route (we got engaged during our trip to run the Paris Marathon last year). We handmade all of the place names using brown paper luggage tags and printed parchment paper and finished off the Dining room with some vintage birdcages with pink gypsophila, hummingbird table numbers and bright paper mats underneath to provide a pop of colour. Our favours were made by Suzanne Esper (French Macarons) and we decided to have these displayed in a small floral suitcase filled with more gypsophila during the champagne reception – for the kids, we had paper windmills which we made from a kit from East of India which kept them entertained along with some colouring books. Last finishing touch was downstairs in the Edwardian Kitchen where the bar was – we bought some small hollow wooden “G & M” letters from Hobbycraft and we filled these with copper fairy lights as our own take on the current trend of light up letters. These were displayed alongside our handmade photo guest book which we set up using an app on the iPad, some props packs from Ginger Ray and a scrapbook which we pasted the Audrey Hepburn quote of “Paris is always a good idea” on the cover. We had a good laugh at the photo attempts the morning after the wedding! Best part of putting all these things together was that they were unique to our wedding as we had either made these ourselves or pulled together different elements from different places and felt like everything was just very “us”."

"Clearest memory of the day is sitting at the steps at the riverside of Pollok House with Matthew just after the ceremony, on our own with just Emma (our photographer) cracking some jokes and taking some photos. It was the first moment Matt and I got to sit and relax away from all the madness and just felt like a normal Saturday afternoon for a moment (apart for all the people having a good look and taking photos as they walked past and that I was in a wedding dress/Matt in a kilt….!) – we both agreed how important that part of the day was to take a moment to say hello to each other as husband and wife and just a have a bit of time to ourselves."


"Sounds cliché but just don’t doubt your own decisions! Looking back, Matt and I are so happy that we went with our instincts and had things that were important to us and all the people that matter to us that could be there to share our day. If we could do the day again, I genuinely wouldn’t change a thing – things do go wrong, you will be nervous, emotional and completely stressed on the run up to the day itself but as soon as you step inside the venue ready to walk down the aisle, none of it matters and you realise what’s important – that you are about to get married!"


Venue: Pollok House
Band: The Black Ties
Stationery: Designed by Groom
Cake: Suzanne Esper Cakes
Photographer: Emma Lawson Photography

"Choosing a photographer was one of the most important decisions for us as we agreed early on not to have a videographer, so the documentation of the day would all be in the photos. Four months on from the wedding and we still enjoy looking at our beautiful pictures – they completely capture the feel of the day and really are a little box of memories as Emma describes her lovely engraved USBs she produces as part of her package. Emma is not only incredibly talented but such a great person to have around on the day. I had lost all concept of time on the morning of the wedding and thankfully had Emma to remind me to get in to my dress in enough time for some photographs and to take a moment to breathe! She stayed with us all day and helped with little things like carrying all our bits and pieces which was very much appreciated and was great at taking control to co-ordinate all the family pictures and random members of the public who kept wandering into our photographs!"

"Top of Matthew’s list for the wedding was to have a cake designed and I was delighted when we found Suzanne’s website – we were looking for something bespoke which would really bring all the elements of the day together. Suzanne made us a lovely cup of coffee and baked some delicious cupcakes for us to try (and gave us some extras to take home also ☺). I loved how personable Suzanne was – and that she was a Pinterest addict like myself….! She just got our whole theme and concept of the day – I sat back and ate cake and let her and Matt work through the design which was absolutely beautiful. The whole cake was completed devoured on the day of the wedding – we had so many compliments on the cake. Suzanne also made beautiful French macaroon favours for us which were one of the most important things for us to have at the wedding (bit obsessed with Laudree in Paris) – the dried rose she added on top was such a unique and elegant touch – I’m glad we ordered a few extras for ourselves to eat the next day!"