jennie + stu | knockraich farm

Jennie and Stu were married on 20th June at Knockraich Farm in Fintry. They were planning their wedding for 8 months. "We got engaged at the end of September while on holiday in North Carolina, so it was October before the planning really kicked off." Huge thanks to the amazing Jo from Jo Donaldson Photography for sharing her images of the day. You can chat to Jo through her website, Facebook or Instagram or at our Wedding Workshop at the end of the month!

"We had a very clear idea of the sort of day we wanted right from the start, and always wanted to have the ceremony outside (weather permitting). When we went to visit the farm, the setting was really beautiful (even in its half built state, the barn we held the reception in and the grounds around it were still being finished when we first visited in November 14). Helena the owner was also lovely and really laid back. She was really helpful in the run up to the wedding and nothing was too much trouble."

"I loved everything about planning… I am a compulsive planner, I mean I actually have a problem, I have Pinterest boards for everything, and make lists like there's no tomorrow. We had been talking about getting married for a while so when Stuart actually proposed I had a very clear idea of what sort of day I wanted us to have. Luckily Stuart and I have fairly similar tastes in that respect so I didn’t have to overrule him very often apart from once in the very beginning…"

 "Stuart is the sort of person who either has to plan everything or nothing, there is no in between with him. So for the most part I just let him take over, holidays, large purchases, whatever I just let him get on with it. But when he started trying to organise the wedding while we were still on holiday and wanted to book everything there and then I had to tell him to step off… lovingly but firmly. After that I just got on with it and even he admits he would have organised a brilliant party but it wouldn’t have been a wedding. He did however organised our Harris-moon and our honeymoon to Thailand and he did an excellent job of it too."

"I found the dress decision quite difficult, while we had a healthy budget for the wedding I wasn't comfortable spending a lot of money on a dress that I would only wear once and I knew I didn’t want a big heavy, uncomfortable dress that would be difficult to dance in. So I decided a simple J Crew dress from their bridal range which I bought online and had altered slightly so that it could be bustled would be just the ticket!  I was really pleased with my decision: I loved wearing my dress and felt really beautiful. It was a simply ivory satin slip dress, with button detail up the back and a puddle train."

"We had a Humanist wedding, we included a hand fasting and my best friend and Maid of Honor Claire did a reading. Our Humanist Celebrant Jennifer Buchanan also deserves a special mention, our ceremony was beautiful, funny and personal, and so many of the guests have told me how much they enjoyed it since the wedding, she had everyone in tears and hysterical laughter all at once."

"The food was amazing, we had a hog roast accompanied by sides including mac and cheese and chilli stuffed peppers from Eden Mill Farm, they rear all of their own meat and did all the catering. Except for pudding (which our lovely guests baked and brought) and the wedding cake (which was made by Stuart's incredibly talented friend's Gavin and Dori, who are both patisserie chefs)."

"But my favourite part of the reception was the dancing, it was really hard to find a band at such short notice and we ended up having to bus one up from London as there were so few bands available (short notice being less than a full 12 -24 months in wedding land). I have to give all the credit to Stuart for finding them though as he scoured the internet to hunt down anyone decent who was still available and they were amazing! They are called The Wedding Crashers, they are very talented musicians and I couldn’t recommend their mixed up eighties pop highly enough. Everyone was on the dance floor all night!"

"My favourite part of the day was getting to share the most important day of our lives with the most important people in our lives, including our terribly handsome labradoodle Oscar."

"In terms of details, I loved our favours, which were individual Jaeger bomb shots (packaged up in little linen bags, with our names and the date stamped on the front) which everyone was asked to toast during Stuart's speech. Jaeger bombs are an integral part of any night out with my girl friends so they will always have a special place in my heart."

"Most of the day is blur to be honest, I remember trying to hang on to it in my mind but it just went so quickly. I was just so happy and excited all day. It was the best day of my life so far, standing up in front of all the people I love and saying this is the person I'm going to spend the rest of my life with was an amazing feeling, I was just so happy and that's what sticks in my mind. Seeing Stuart standing under the arch he made, holding his hand and dancing our first dance, knowing how much we love each other. The day itself was amazing and exactly how I imagined it, the sun was even out and it was dry and warm enough to have the ceremony outside."

"Don’t get too caught up in the details, plan as much as you can ahead of time and make sure your venue or event planner is prepared to take over coordination from the day before so that you can let it go on the day and enjoy it. I didn’t think once about canapés or seating arrangements or anything else that had been constantly going through my head and lists in the weeks leading up to the big day, and it was the best feeling just to know Helena would take care of anything that came up and I could enjoy everything without having to worry about little things going wrong."


Venue: The Garden Shed at Knockraich Farm, Fintry

Band: The Wedding Crashers (booked through Alive Network)

Florist: Fleuressence Floral Works

Stationery: Kirsty McCreath

Photographer: Jo Donaldson Photography

"I actually don’t know how I got so lucky, the suppliers we worked with were all wonderful. Extremely professional but personable and easy to work with. They just got us and the type of day we were trying to create. But a special mention has to go to Jo our photographer and Lauren from Fleuressence Floral Works who really did go above and beyond to help really understand the wedding we were trying to create. And my very good friend Kirsty McCreath who created our beautiful wedding stationery and personalised wine labels."