caragh + ryan | woodside warehouse

Caragh and Ryan were married on 7th May at the venue formerly known as Woodside Warehouse (unfortunately it is no more but hey very cool as Caragh and Ryans wedding will be one of the few ever held there!) They were planning their wedding for just 4 and a half months and man did they pack in some creativity! You may remember the feature on their engagement shoot a few months back... huge thanks to Claire Fleck for sharing her images with us. You can catch Claire on her website, Facebook or Instagram.

"Everyone coming together to pitch in was my favourite part of planning. So many of our friends and family got on board to help us pull the day together and it was such a fun experience!"

"Ryan’s really creative too and we both wanted the whole wedding thing to be a celebration of us not just all the stuff I like. He was absolutely involved in the planning, crafting, and stressing." 

"This was the first and only dress I tried on. I saw it online and fell in love, was convinced it’d be way out my price range but emailed Belle and Bunty to find out how much it was. I got a mail straight back saying they had it in a sample sale at a HUGE discount off its RRP (should have been about £2100 and got it for £495)! It was a total no-brainer buying it, and although my mum and I missed out on the whole 'going to try on dresses' thing as I bought it so fast I knew it was the right thing to do. The girls in the shop were fantastic. They took it out the sale and held onto it until I could get down to London, I was there for work the next week so ran in to try it on, turned up all dishevelled and flustered as I'm not very good at navigating London! Had it on about five seconds and knew I wanted it. They packed it up and off I went, missed my flight getting home but hey-ho! Fabricated Bridal Alterations did an amazing job making the top smaller and taking the hem up as well as fitting a bustle but even adding that cost in was no where near how much the dress should have been. Plus - it’s hot pink!"

"Woodside Warehouse was the first venue we visited and we fell in love with the flexible space and unique venue. Given that we were on such short time frame we knew we needed to find out the box solutions as a) we didn’t want a 'regular' wedding, and b) they’d all be booked up already! The team at Woodside Warehouse were really great too, we got a super helpful, and excited vibe from them, so we knew they’d take care of us and they did."

"Caragh's dad Trev was our celebrant. It was really nice to have him do it rather than a stranger. Before that bit though we both did a first look and then walked down the aisle together. It was totally the right thing to do as we were both so anxious and stressed before, it was really nice to have a few minutes before we went in and stood in front of everyone. Trev was great at stewarding our guests through to craziness that was going to unfold during the ceremony. He totally got them in to the singing, the readings, and the hand fasting. Caragh is a Christian so it was important to her to incorporate her faith, but also not alienate Ryan and others there who aren't. Trev worked this through the hand fasting ceremony and his message in a very inclusive way. We had two readings, Scientific Romance by Tim Pratt read by Caragh's brother (we'd forgotten about the reference to a three-way in there and it had everyone in stitches), and Caragh's friend Emma created a Buffy X-Files Mash Up (Caragh's masters dissertation was on Buffy). Plus we started the ceremony with everyone singing I'm a Believer and ended it with Ain't No Mountain High Enough, it was joyous!"

"I loved the whole creative process, thinking things up, and then figuring out the cheapest/best way to execute it. My mum is an absolute legend and made silk paper flowers for each of the bridesmaids to carry, she made the button holes, hair pieces, dyed her old veil pink for me to wear and re-worked my gran’s headdress too. Personal highlight had to be that she made her hat the morning of the wedding and was still finishing it in the car on the way up!"

"We also just loved how everyone came together to help, it was a total family effort and made us really humble at how much people pitched in."

"Everyone belting out Ain’t No Mountain High Enough was a truly incredible moment where I realised our crazy wedding wasn’t going to bomb with our guests."

"Getting rained on by massive sequins is a vivid memory! And sequins hurt! Caragh had this idea to make a "ConfetTEA bar" where guests would blend their own confetti into plastic tea cups, they'd then throw the confetTEA (not the cups!) at us as we left the ceremony. The pom poms and tissue paper were fine, but 1cm large sequins sting!"

"When you're planning a relatively speedy wedding you can't sweat the small stuff! Just have fun with it! We also got pretty good at making decisions fast, and not telling people until the decision was made so that they couldn't sway us, and remember, people don't mean to offend you! We knew theoretically our day sounded pretty bonkers and was totally raising eyebrows but when it actually happened everyone had a brilliant day, it was the perfect mix honouring the gravity of the commitment we were making, and the wild, heady, celebration that we're spending the rest of our lives together surrounded by our incredible friends and family."

Caragh ... "For me my favourite memory was looking around the dance floor, surrounded by all the people I love, furiously waving glow sticks (or wearing them around their heads) to the beat of Fall Out Boy's 'Sugar, We're Going Down'. I'm not a particularly emotional person but there's a thing called happy crying and I did it right there."

Ryan ... "Looking out during the ceremony and seeing everyone looking so happy."


Venue: Woodside Warehouse (The Glue Factory)

Band: DJ Bobby Harron

Florist: Handmade silk flowers made by Denice (Caragh's Mum). Ryan painstakingly wrapped all the stems with coloured wire. And one flower was made with bamboo fibre as one bridesmaid is vegan. Denice also hand made all the button holes for the bridal party.

Stationery: Charlotte Ross designed the art work

Photographer: Claire Fleck

Caterers: Wild Rover for the evening meal plus the Power Girls (OK, Caragh's cousins, but their surname is Power!) coordinated and ran the dessert table. Caragh’s mum made the cake using artwork from Charlotte Ross.

Ryan's Outfit: Suit from ASOS  /  Shoes Dr Marten

Hair: Cameo Bridal Styling

Bridesmaids Outfits: (we call them The Flamingals!) skirts from Chic Wish, tops River Island, denim jackets eBay and then customised by Caragh. Flower girl dress made by Caragh's mum Denice. Flower girls flower crown and bridesmaids' hair flowers all individually made by Denice too

All our suppliers were amazing. Claire Fleck was so good at capturing all the details we wanted to help us remember our day. Lana from Cameo Bridal Stylings was a phenomenal help the morning of the wedding. Cat from Wild Rover did a spectacular job of bringing our vegetarian meets total meat lover menu to life. Woodside Warehouse were so accommodating, well organised, and engaged. Bobby teased out our musical desires and played the best set ever to get all our guests on the dance floor (and not a cheesy 'wedding tune' in sight). They were all fantastic.