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January blues – BE GONE! I’m back into the swing of working, February has been a busy month, and we’ve done lots of positive wedding things since Christmas. 

One of our top three spends for our wedding is our rings; you’re going to wear them everyday for the rest of your life so they’re worth budgeting that bit extra for. Money saving tip – go back to the jeweller your engagement ring came from and you may find they offer a discount; Chisholm Hunter automatically offer 10% off your wedding bands. We’ve both opted for platinum rings, my engagement ring is platinum and we wanted them to match plus the metal is more durable for my florist hands constantly in and out of water. (Bless Robert for doing his research and asking for advice when engagement ring shopping!) I always thought I’d go for a classic, plain band but against all odds, Emma who doesn’t do bling has gone for a bit of bling…! Robert had thought about having his band brushed but when brushed platinum gets scratched it becomes shiny. The ring would need re-brushed over time to restore the effect similar to a white gold ring needing re-plated. Platinum naturally develops a patina finish over time where the metal dulls and looks ‘worn’ so it doesn’t stay shiny for very long once it’s on your finger anyway. (We learnt lots on our trip to the jewellers.)

We’ve also planned a kick-ass ‘posh-backpacking’ honeymoon around Italy. We booked a flight into Milan and a flight out of Rome before Christmas and now we’ve booked ourselves some rather lovely looking hotels in different cities North to South. We’ve just got to work out the train journeys, ferries, must-see sights and most importantly the vineyards along our route! Flying half way across the world to lie on a beach just didn’t appeal to us, and as much as we thought about America we figured Europe would be a more cost-effective but equally enjoyable trip straight after paying for a wedding. As we’re booking everything individually and we’re hopping about every couple of days, it’s probably going to end up costing us the equivalent of two weeks in a five star all-inclusive resort in Bali. But we’re going to make some awesome memories visiting lots of places we’ve longed to go to since our first holiday to Milan together in Autumn 2010. Since we’ll have been living together for over five years by the time the wedding comes round, we’re hoping our lovely friends and family will help us out along the way too.

Image by  EuanR Photo

Image by EuanR Photo

We’ve also started planning our stag and hen dos. We’ve both picked our own goings-on and are involved in the organisation so there’s not going to be (too many) surprises. I’m having a hen day with an activity in the afternoon followed by dinner and drinks so I can invite both friends and family and they are welcome to join for the full day or for part of it. I hadn’t thought much about my hen do before Christmas and with weekends being such a big part of my work life I was very limited on diary space (oops!) so it has to be one day, close to home, suit a very wide age range and affordable. The ladies are planning to go to Dance Glasgow in the West End of Glasgow for a private dance lesson with bubbles and we need little excuse to gallivant Ashton Lane afterwards! I’ve very specifically told my bridal party that I don’t want t-shirts, cowboy hats, tiaras, L plates, feather boas or anything of that nature: I don’t like being the centre of attention at the best of times and anything that screams “AHM GETTIN’ MERRIED” louder than I can is a no go. The men however have my full permission to dress Robert in a monkey suit and take him to Go Ape. 

We’ve started putting the wheels in motion with our photographers Rooftop Mosaic and we’re looking forward to taking Ted on an adventure for our pre-wedding shoot in the spring. We’re lucky where we live that there are lots of places around us to go dog walking and we’ll be trekking round one of our favourite places to go in the better weather, hopefully in the better weather!

Image by  Rooftop Mosaic

Next month we’ll be on the SIX month countdown, is that when it starts feeling real? My friend gets married this weekend so maybe when I see her as a bride it’ll hit home! 

E x