brittany + skyler | glasgow city elopement

Glasgow has so much to offer when it comes to running around the city having fun and looking cool doing it - Brittany and Skyler's shoot around town with Rooftop Mosaic shows off just some of the places we love... Gail from RM tells us more about their day. You can catch Gail + David on their website. Facebook or Instagram.

"Brittany got in touch just four days before the shoot. She’d just married her husband Skyler, in an intimate and relaxed ceremony in the USA (they’re from South Carolina), and they were headed to Europe on their honeymoon. They decided that they wanted to do a photography shoot whilst on Honeymoon in Scotland, and we were delighted to play tour guides and photographers for the day!"

"They had found us on Reddit; we exchanged some emails, had a quick Skype call, and then four days and one transatlantic flight later, they joined us for a tour of some of our favourite tourist friendly spots in Glasgow! We headed for Ashton Lane in the West End first, and whilst there, we surprised them by having a piper turn up and play them a tune! We had a quick dram in the Grosvenor Cafe, and then headed down to the River Clyde near Trongate, where there’s some lovely bridges overlooking the city. After that, we dropped them back at their hotel with some pub recommendations. They couldn’t have been nicer, and we had a really great time showing them around the city and shooting some of our favourite spots."

“Scotland was the highlight of our trip and you captured it great! We are definitely stoked, thank you!” - Skyler

“Thanks so much for getting us those photos for our reception! Everyone loved them! My whole family was completely surprised and enthralled that we were able to get a real Scotsman to be in our photos. You absolutely made our photos memorable for the rest of our lives!” - Brittany

You can contact the piper Alisdair Tennant here.