our blogging groom | all the food and a scare

Depending on where you’ve decided to get married, it’s very possible that the idea of having to book a caterer might not even be on your radar. Regardless, this is a story of how our caterer scared me into wedding action. So even if you aren’t in the market, there’s hopefully a little bit of scare in here for you anyway.

As I’ve mentioned a couple of times before, I’m in the very lucky position of seeing a lot of weddings up close and from all angles. There are loads of suppliers involved in your wedding day but not many that stick around for as long as your photographer. The reason it’s such a joy is that more often than not it means I get to sample some amazing food. All in the name of research, obviously.

The surge in popularity of off-beat venues has meant an equal surge in people offering off-site catering and I’ve had amazing meals from Wild Rover, Wild Fig and some others that aren’t as wild. We spoke to a couple but ended up booking Lazy Sunday (of #teamBB fame). Carole & Kasia that run it are amazing and do such an incredible job not just with the catering but making the day run without a hitch. I saw it first hand at a wedding last year and after a bigger-than-I-needed portion of Wild Boar Pie, I was sold. I actually sent Cat a text when I’d finished telling her we were booking them!

It’s amazing how big an impact the food can have on the day. A wedding is a bit of an odd timeline that leaves people usually missing lunch and having a weirdly early dinner. It’s pretty normal that people file into the dining room talking about how starving they are. It’s also a pretty big deal for us to have some great food. We both love food (so much so that we’ve just signed up for a half marathon to try and mitigate that love affair) and we want to have an amazing meal on our wedding day. 

So, I promised you some scare factor, I’ve not forgotten! Last month we took a drive to Kirkcaldy for a tasting session with Lazy Sunday. It’s the first time they’ve done it, having a bunch of couples come in together to try their proposed meal. It was so, so good. Aside from the food it was good to chat to other couples about their weddings and check out the decor that they can also provide. Aside from the tasting it’s also the time to nail down the details of the day with the caterer. It’s every suppliers job to make sure they have the info they need and also to make sure that you know what you’re doing. We totally know what we’re doing…. maybe not so much.

Talking to Carole just revealed how many things we still haven’t considered.

And there’s the scare;

“What kind of napkins are you having?"

Ok, so maybe I milked the scare factor a bit. But really, who knows? Do we care? Not that much, but enough that we don’t want people wiping their mouth on their sleeve. That’s just one thing on a long list, from what place settings will look like and who will be pouring wine to what kind of canapés we can have. Not even mentioning the distinct lack of a kitchen.

So, this month we’ve been thinking small and trying to work out what the day will look like, not in the big picture but in the minutia that I didn’t even know where to begin with.

These photos of food are making me hungry again...

Images by the man himself Euan R Photo