grace + keir | isle of colonsay

Grace and Keir were married on 21st February 2015 on the Isle of Colonsay in the Southern Hebrides. They were planning their wedding for only 6 months. Huge thanks to Jenny from Clickybox Photography for sharing her images of the day. You can catch Jenny on her website, Facebook or Instagram.

"We met here on the Isle of Colonsay and we live here! We were so lucky to have such a beautiful location in which to host our special day."

Jenny described Grace and Keir's day from behind her camera... "I love an island wedding, everyone got to know each other quickly all being in the same place all the time. There was a great vibe for the whole day, very friendly and welcoming. The weather was terrible, with it being February on an Island in the Southern Hebrides…. you can’t really expect much else! Everyone got stuck on the island as the ferries were cancelled but they made the most of it and continued the celebrations. It was such a fun wedding to be a part of."

"You might be familiar with some bits involved with this wedding - if you remember last year there was the craziness about 'The Dress' and if it was blue and black or white and gold... well it was Grace's Mum who took the photo and the debate began! It was made internet famous by one of their guests who posted it on Tumblr. The bride and groom where whisked away from their Honeymoon to appear on the Ellen DeGeneres show and it was a pretty crazy experience!"

"Being in such a remote location, it was truly a DIY wedding and we had to think about every little detail and make sure that everything arrived to the island in time for the wedding. I only gave myself six months to plans so it was stressful at times but I loved every minute. In particular I enjoyed spending many hours lost in Pinterest!"

Living on Colonsay meant that I didn’t have lots of opportunities to go to the mainland in search of the perfect dress. I knew that I wanted a fitted, flattering dress but I didn’t want to spend thousands. Getting it right was important to me, but I didn’t want to blow the budget – I was very lucky to find a stunning lace Justin Alexander dress on preloved. It was the perfect size, didn’t need any alterations and cost less than half than what I would’ve paid for a brand new one. I know many brides wouldn’t dream of wearing a second-hand dress but to me it didn’t matter that someone else had worn it before me – it was a beautiful dress that fitted perfectly and it meant that I had money left over for other details!

"Keir and I talked through all the details but it was up to me to arrange everything – as long as I kept it within budget he was happy!"

"I loved the relaxed nature of our Humanist ceremony and the drinks reception after. But for us, the days leading up to the wedding were incredibly special for us – it was such a treat to have all of our friends and family with us on the Isle of Colonsay and we spent the week drinking, eating, laughing and generally having lots of fun with our guests."

"I loved our ‘guest book’ – we asked everyone to sign one of Keir’s old guitars and it’s so nice being able to look at it every day as it’s on display in our living room. I also loved the itineraries we gave to our guests at the start of the week – it really was a ‘destination wedding’ so we gave information about the island and the events we had planned for everyone. In particular, the whisky tasting hosted by Rachel MacNeill was a huge success! ("

"You can’t please everybody – no matter what you do there will be somebody who might not agree with your choices. But remember it is your day, and try not to lose sight of what it’s really all about – marrying the person you love. Enjoy every moment!"

"Sitting on the stage at the end of the night with Keir and the few remaining wedding guests, eating leftover cheese from the buffet and drinking a glass of Prosecco is my clearest memory of our day. Just lovely."


Venue: Ceremony & drinks reception – The Colonsay Hotel

Reception: Colonsay Village Hall

Band: Canach

Florist: Silky Pinks

Brides Dress: Justin Alexander from Preloved

Hair & Make-up: Kelly Louise Ferris MUA

Stationery: ‘HeyShabbyMe’ on Etsy

Photographer: Clickybox Photography

"Jenny from Clickybox Photography was excellent – coming from an island herself she knew exactly how to deal with the many dramas that inevitably come with getting married on a tiny Hebridean island in the middle of winter! She battled the elements to ensure we got great photos on our special day, and when her ferry back to the mainland was cancelled due to bad weather, she got the pints in with the rest of us! We were very lucky to have such an accommodating, understanding and friendly photographer who I would have no hesitation in recommending."