kelly + ross | carberry tower

Kelly and Ross were married at the gorgeous Carberry Tower in Musselburgh on 24th October. They were planning their wedding for a year and a half. Huge thanks to the lovely Claire Tennant for sharing her images of this sweet sweet couple! You can catch Claire on her website, Facebook or Instagram.

"We had seen a few venues and nothing stood out, I had ruled out Carberry Tower as it was out of our budget, but Ross insisted we go see it. As soon as we walked in, we loved it! The grounds, the look of the interior etc it was just perfect for our wedding."

"The cake tasting and going to wedding fairs with my bridesmaids and mum was my favourite part of the planning process. Ross was not involved in the detail but he helped with all the bigger things – he picked the venue and our Humanist celebrant." 

"I found my dress very easily. I went to Emma Roy first. My thought was lets just see what they have and they are next to the train station so easy to get to. I told them that I didn’t know my exact style but I didn’t want any sparkle. So I tried on lots of dresses, we liked some parts of each dress but there wasn’t and overall wow factor with any of them. We were just about to finish the appointment when I asked the lady helping us, Charlotte, what dress was her favourite. She said that there was a dress she was dying for me to try on but didn’t suggest it because it had some sparkle. I thought why not, so she collected the dress (it was in the window) and I tried it on. As soon as I looked in the mirror I knew it was my dress. It was just perfect! The confirmation came when I walked out of the changing room and my mum started crying. I am so glad I asked the question and tried on a dress that I didn’t think I would originally want. It was called “Robyn” by Ronald Joyce, with a sweetheart cut going into a floral lace up to my neck and a princess bottom. All over covered in lace, pearl and a little sparkle with a detailed belt around the waist."

"My favourite part of the day was definitely our ceremony. It was just perfect. Our celebrant, Fiona Thomas, completely tailored the ceremony to what we would love. A stand out memory for me will always be the part where she revealed the reasons why we love each other – we had both individually emailed her without showing the other and it very emotional! We were just standing there smiling at each other the whole time. The stress organising a wedding melted away and I knew it was all worth it in that moment. It was the happiest moment in my life so far."

My favourite photo is the one with Ross and the bridesmaids and they are all beside themselves laughing, it is so natural and makes me smile whenever I look at it.

"My favourite 'detail' was a last minute addition to our wedding. Our theme for the tables for the wedding breakfast was superheroes with Captain America being our top table name. A couple of weeks before the wedding I got given a Captain America figure as a joke, it was just sitting in the house when we thought – why don’t we pop him on the top table as a decoration? When we were making the bouquets up in my house the morning before the wedding, I popped into the kitchen and saw that my friend Agata had made a miniature button hole and attached it to Captain America. We loved it – it was quirky and made everyone laugh."

"Our first dance is my clearest memory. We had practiced in the house as we are not natural born dancers! My friend had taught us a very simple sway but followed at the end by a spin and dip. We had fallen a few times in the house so I knew Ross was nervous about it. It worked out perfectly and we got a cheer. Ross’ face when he realised it was done and went so well was half relief and half delight." 

"My advice would be to keep calm. I know it is easier said than done but always remember the reason you are having a wedding. It isn’t for the food, the dancing or the tiniest decoration that no one will notice. It is because you love each other and want to spend the rest of your lives together. It puts everything into perspective."


Venue: Carberry Tower

Band: Replay

Florist: My friend Agata Saltonstall

Stationery: Ebay seller- littlexmissxclarex

Photographer: Claire Tennant

Videographer: Erin Rose Films 

"Claire Tennant, our photographer was a complete stand out. When I found her I loved the style of her photos and explained what we liked about them. She made us feel completely at ease from our first meeting, we had fun at our engagement shoot and she turned up sharp on the day. She also made us feel excited about the wedding – from our experience of planning the wedding, this can be rare as for some things you are just another bride and a way to make money, but Claire made us feel special and that our wedding was important. We received our photos quickly and they were everything we could have wanted. When you plan a wedding there are so many suppliers and moving parts that you need someone that is reliable, knows what you want and delivers – Claire did that for us."