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Your wedding photographer; probably the most important supplier you’ll choose for your big day. In most cases they’re going to creep around you (in the nicest possible way) from getting ready in the morning until you’re a few dances into your party in the mid-evening, so apart from your spouse they’ll be the person/people you spend the majority of your wedding day with. They’re also going to be in front of you with a camera when you’re having lovey-dovey moments, so it helps if you’re comfortable with them. 

Photography, rings and entertainment were the three things we always said would come top of the budget priorities. Your photos are your memories, your rings you’ll wear everyday for the rest of your life and we want everyone to have a banging party.

I really am spoiled to be surrounded by so many amazing photographers in #teamBB, and meet so many other talented photographers too. Our photographers are Gail and David of Rooftop Mosaic. Gail and Robert worked for the same digital agency before she went full time with her business, and Gail helped me out a lot when I first started my business too. As well as being amazing at what she does, the three of us have a bond that goes back almost as long as Robert and I do so she was always going to be the obvious choice to ask when we got engaged (and David came in somewhere along the way!)

Rooftop Mosaic started life as single pringle Gail Kelly Photography and rebranded in 2015 as a photography partnership, Gail with her partner David. David is an amazing videographer in his own right (see Walnut Wasp) and they work with each other either shooting photos or video at a handful of beautiful weddings each year. There is an option to add on a short video to their photography package, which is the best way to incorporate their super talents if, like us, you’re not wishing to have a full wedding film. Their films are just delicious: they’re filmed entirely handheld so they’re delightfully wobbly, personal, distinctive and classic in their own cutting-edge-indie-rather-than-Hollywood-epic way.  

When you’re choosing your photographer, it’s so important to have a good look at their portfolio and immerse yourself in their style. Imagine it’s your wedding you’re looking at and it was how your day was captured. I go crazy for little details, unusual framing, moody tones and scrumptious, natural light. I love the photographs that look like they’ve been captured by a fly on the wall rather than perfectly poised. Funnily enough, Gail and David do this wonderfully.

There’s a wedding photographer for every budget nowadays but spending between £1000-£2000 for a digital package is realistic. Once the cake has been eaten and your dress is in storage, your photographs will last a lifetime and beyond so it’s really important to book with someone you trust will deliver what will be your memories of your day. You may well get a student or a newbie who will offer a package at a lesser cost, everybody has to start somewhere, but as with everything you’re paying for experience, skill and their individual flair. Some photographers, like ours, will be a duo as standard and others will be individual but offer the add-on of a second shooter. I think second shooters are really important – your photographer can’t be taking the family photographs and be shooting candids of your guests at the same time. It also gives you the option of getting groom prep as well as bridal prep and you’ll get a much wider range of photographs taken from different angles. 

My final piece of photography advice in the digital age is please please PLEASE have an unplugged wedding ceremony. I was a guest at a wedding earlier this year and my distinct memory from the ceremony is locking eyes with the bride’s mum and giving her a smile as she walked her daughter down the aisle. I would not have done that if my phone was in my face. For half an hour please put your favourite devices away and immerse yourself in the sanctity of the wedding ceremony you have been invited to witness. We have put a note in our invitations and will be asking our celebrant to issue a gentle reminder on the day before the ceremony begins. I want to walk down the aisle to smiling faces, not a sea of mobile phones. And for goodness sake, leave your iPad at home …

Emma and Robert's stunning engagement shoot at Whitelee Windfarm was shot by Rooftop Mosaic, catch Gail and David on their website, Facebook or Instagram.