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I’ll take the Flower of Scotland tartan for four please ...

The dress! It’s a pretty big deal.  After the couple (sometimes), it’s pretty much the centrepiece of the wedding. 

Days and weeks and months and tears and many glasses of complimentary bubbles can go into picking the perfect wedding dress. That’s probably testament to the fact that there are so, so many options. There are literally shelves in newsagents filled with magazines all dedicated to helping brides find the perfect dress.

Every wedding website I’ve ever visited (a lot more than you probably think) is awash with adverts for bridal boutiques and dress makers.

My sister got married last year and she found her dress in the eighth shop she tried. That’s eight shops full of dresses for a specific occasion.

My point (I’m getting there, I promise) is that, if you’re looking for a dress to get married in, you’re pretty spoiled for choice. Whether you’re after a Cinderalla-esque fairytale gown or a 1950's tea dress, you won’t have to go far for inspiration, and then to find the perfect dress. 

What came as a bit of a surprise to me, is how poorly-catered-for the husband to be is. Throughout the entirety of the wedding planning process the groom is a bit of an afterthought. As I’ve touched on before, this seems to be a bit of a self-perpetuating problem with poor demand meaning poor market meaning poor demand. As with anything though, if the demand is there, the supply will come. It will come …right?

Maybe not. And I’m not sure why the creativity for wedding wear has to stop with the dress. In Scotland it’s almost presumed that you’ll be kilted in national dress. In England and elsewhere a dinner jacket. What’s the deal with tradition telling you what to wear? I’m not sure I want to just go with a kilt and look like I’m told to look. I don’t really do this any other time so it seems ludicrous that I’d do it on our wedding day.

I did some online searching but found a surprising lack on info on groom style. Next to bridal style, it’s virtually non-existent. The inspiration blogs are thin on the ground and wedding blogs rarely, if ever, dedicate space to what the grooms are wearing. 

So, my next port of call was to some photographer pals asking if they’ve come across anything cool. Gail Kelly (of Rooftop Mosaic fame, who also provided all of these photos) sent me a dropbox full of awesome ideas from some weddings (she seems to book exclusively uber cool clients!) My friend Nikki (one of my awesome wedding photographers) got married a couple of years ago and her husband Jamie looked like a boss.

I quite fancied wearing a kilt but I’m not a huge fan of the traditional tartan get-up. I saw an awesome tweed one that I loved but at double the cost of Cat’s dress, just for the kilt, it felt a tad extravagant.

Saying that, I have no idea what Cat’s going to be wearing. It might be white, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s not. I think the only thing that would surprise me if she showed up in a Cinderella gown and a tiara. She might be a bit of a princess in real life, but I don’t think a cathedral veil is for her. 

I’ve pretty much decided now what I’m going to wear, but it’s been an unexpectedly laborious task. My goal was to find something that I was comfortable in and something that would make me look as good as I could (a task for the greatest of tailors!). It would be nice to look at the photos of our wedding and think ... “Don’t we both look totally badass?!"

Somebody said to me recently, talking about this series of blog posts “It’s great that you want to be involved in the wedding planning, but you’re an exception, most guys just don’t care”. I don’t want to believe it, but when it’s so difficult to find a way in, I’m not entirely surprised that so many people seem to share that opinion. If you’re in the position of still having to decide what to wear, don’t get caught up in the idea that you have to wear the same old thing. Have some fun with it, there are some awesome ideas in the photos here, but let your imagination run wild!

Remember our styled shoot last year ...? The groom style in it was on point, with clothing provided by Ten30. 

As Euan said, the photos in this post are by Rooftop Mosiac, who you can catch on their website, Facebook or Instagram.