our blogging groom | don't get lost in lists, have an adventure

Back when I started writing this monthly feature, I made a list of topics and ran them past Braw Bride head honcho Heather (who has just made a new person, congratulations Heather!!!). For the most part, I’ve stuck to the list so far, moving things around a bit, but my topics were pretty much on point. I’m not quite sure how, as at that point I’d never planned a wedding. Some things are just obvious talking points though. 

In the process of planning what we have, I’ve discovered that it isn’t always a pastel coloured walk in the park. People tell you that it’s only as stressful as you make it, but there’s no denying that there are a lot of things to do. There are even more things to think about doing, and the list never, ever, gets shorter. It’s quite easy at times to lose sight of what you’re doing. The lists just become lists and the gentle nudge of a reminder becomes a punch in the nose the more frequently you’re on the receiving end of it. There are exciting moments when you get things done, but a lot of the moments in between dealing with minutia can feel like a drag. But, of course, they shouldn’t be. 

When you’re lost in the mire of planning, the bigger picture doesn’t seem so big. It’s hard to step out and think about the fact that you’re planning for one day of fun without considering all of the days of fun that will come after. We were definitely a bit guilty of this and time spent together was time spent talking about accommodation options, chair hire and how likely it is that we’ll need heating in October (very, was the unanimous decision on that front.)

So when someone suggested making wedding beer, it was a bit of a no-brainer. The idea was that we spend a day together with a brewer at Stewart Brewing in Edinburgh and, a few weeks later, go back and take away our very own wedding beer. Like I said, a no-brainer. We get to spend a day do something wedding related that doesn’t involve any bickering, we get to go back to going out for the day just to hang out and have fun. 

And it really was. We picked the type of beer we wanted to make, chose hops from a pretty stinking and large selection to give it flavour. And we got a bit half cut while doing it. The perks of hanging out in a brewery I guess. Johnny that led us through it all was great and very forgiving of us taking forever to work out what we wanted it to taste like.

We went back this week to bottle the beer (you get to design your own label as well) and then regretted opting for 80 litres as soon as we got to the stairs up to our flat. No doubt it’ll be worth it when I get to sweep the room in October for all the unopened bottles of Hoppy Ever After.

I’d definitely recommend it as a fun way to do something wedding related together, but I guess the point really is just to do something. We were a bit guilty of getting lost in the planning and forgetting that it’s about more than one day. Whatever stage you’re at of planning, it’s probably worth closing the spreadsheet for a day and hanging out. Things seem to come up pretty constantly that you hadn’t thought of and probably don’t want to think about, I don’t imagine that’s going to stop but if there’s any consistency for me it’s with Cat. The reasons we’re getting married haven’t changed and they won’t based on anything that we do or don’t plan for the wedding. Hanging out with her for the day was a perfect reminder that all the little things don’t really matter in the end. They might be a page in your photo album, the important things are right in front of me, when I lift my head to see them.

All images by the man himself, Euan Robertson. Check out his wedding photography here.