ashleigh + christopher | fortingall village hall

Ashleigh and Christopher were married on 23rd February at Fortingall Abbey. The date was very significant to them. "This was the date we met nine years previously, and also both sets of grandparents on our mothers sides got married on that date! So we always knew it was going to be the 23rd February, it’s very special to us." They were planning their wedding for a year. Huge thanks to Simon from SimonsStudio for sharing his images of their days, as this wedding included a post wedding shoot two days after at Ben Lawers! You can catch Simon on his websiteFacebook or Instagram.

"Fortingall was where we went for our first weekend away together nine years previously.  We have went there around that time of year almost every year since and love the area.  Chris also has fond memories of the area from visiting there as a child with family.  We felt that the natural beauty of the area and Fortingall village represented what we wanted for our wedding day, Fortingall is also steeped in history, the thatched roof cottages are adorable, and the town hall where our ceremony and reception took place is so modestly beautiful with scissor beams that just cry out to be lit up with fairy lights!  As soon as we walked in I just thought;  flowers, fairy light canopy, candles, Done!"

"Weaving all of our personal touches through every part of the whole day and night, making it a celebration that represented us.  Putting together our ceremony with our humanist celebrant was lovely as it gave us a chance to stand up in front of everyone who we love and reflect on our journey with them, acknowledging the parts that so many have played throughout our lifes together.  You rarely get the opportunity to openly and publicly show what people mean to you like that, and it gave us the opportunity to pause in life and take a moment to absorb how lucky we are to have such special people in our lives and let them know.  As well as acknowledging how lucky we are to have each other and the life we have made together, that was really special."

"Initially I was quite protective of doing almost everything, but I soon learned that I couldn’t do it all myself! (and maintain my sanity!) Chris stepped up to the mark brilliantly and we tag teamed all of our tasks, thank goodness!!  I chose most of the details to do with decor etc, which I loved doing, and luckily Chris loved them all! Chris took more interest in choosing the food, band, and his outfit."

"I knew I wanted a tea length dress from the beginning.  I went to various bridal shops and tried on most styles just to make sure though (when else would you get the chance to try on wedding dresses?!)  I confirmed that tea length and lace were my two main requirements, so from there I hit the web.  I got a beautiful dress with lace top and capped sleeves, however four months before the wedding I realised that what I wanted had changed slightly, and that I wanted more tulle as opposed to lace and a sweetheart more open bodice.  I found the perfect one online again, sold my original for the price I paid, and that was that, once I put it on I knew it was right, I felt like a princess, which was lovely!  I then got it altered, added underskirts galore and was good to go.  I spent a lot of time getting it tweaked to exactly how I wanted it, and it was worth it as my finished product was one of a kind. As far as the veil went, at the beginning I though a veil was a veil, but I was so wrong, I tried a good few before finding the one that suited me and my dress perfectly, I loved it.  My shoes I also changed about one month before the wedding as I wanted ones that were slightly more dainty than my originals, and I found the perfect pair!  I also had a little tweed cape from a local shop in Aberfeldy where Chris got the top half of his outfit made, which I loved."

"Chris had always wanted a tweed waist coat and jacket hand made just for him, and always said that he would get it and his own kilt when he got married ( I hope that wasn’t his main incentive!).  We knew of a tweed shop in Aberfeldy who made bespoke pieces made to measure, and it was the place for us.  After much deliberation we eventually choose a tweed which suited the tartan of the kilt that he had made in Glasgow, and it turned out to be the last stretch of that tweed before it went out of production!  We got a bow tie made out of the same tartan as his kilt, flashes that matched his kilt, a pair of brown brogues, and all of the bits and bobs including sporn, cufflinks, suitable kilt shirt with the collar for a bow tie! I would say more time and effort went into Chris’s outfit than mine to pull it all together! But it was just perfect in the end.  He wore his late granddads watch and a skein do that had been a gift to him from a close friend for his 21st birthday.

"Chris met my sister through a mutual friend before I’d met him on a ski/snowboarding holiday to Spain, and we then ended up meeting through my sister.  When my sister met Chris the group stayed at my parents villa in a little town called Frigiliana, where my family have made their second home over the past twenty years. So we ended up getting little bottles of the local Frigiliana wine, with little corks in.  We ordered mini tags with yarn saying “Frigiliana wine, a tipple from where our tale began, Salud! Chris and Ash 23.02.16.”

"I actually cannot choose a favourite part of the day.  I loved getting ready and having my special people surrounding me and taking care of me that morning.  We loved the ceremony, having our handpicked people in our little fairytale hall to share such a special time with us.  Getting the photos taken was just amazing, getting out into the hills and nature where we feel most at home and having the outstanding Scottish scenery be at it’s best for us to make such amazing photographs to cherish.  Spending 5 mins alone together to have a drink, take stock of the day so far and catch our breaths before joining everyone back at the hall for the evening to begin.  The speeches were just incredible, and it was so lovely that something that we had no control over was carried out so beautifully and was so special.  The food was brilliantly homely and tasty.  The ceilidh band and the dancing could not have been any better.  We just didn’t stop smiling from beginning to end."

"I couldn’t choose a favourite detail! It would probably be between the personalised confetti bags that had the order of the day printed on the back, or the personalised ribbon for our van, with our names and wedding date printed on, or the cake buffet which was a selection of cakes that we discovered in a local cake shop and the lady who made them lived in Aberfeldy.  We got in touch with her and ended up meeting her various times, having cake and cuppa’s at her house, she was just lovely and her cakes made another special part of our day! They included chocolate and beetroot, courgette and lime, lemon, carrot and ginger. Also this is pre wedding, but it was a detail that I really loved.  Our invites were tea towels that were a bespoke design of a image of the hall that we were getting married in, right down to the detail of the farm gate in front of the hall , then all of the wedding info, a real keepsake for us and our friends and family!""

"Standing at the front of the hall with Chris feeling incredibly happy and lucky is my clearest memory of our wedding day."

"Work together! And don’t lose sight of why you are doing it, and the love involved.   Stay true to yourself and who you are as a couple and let that shine through on your day."


Venue:  Fortingall Village Hall

Band: Heron Valley

Florist: Lavender Blue

Photographer: SimonsStudio

Invites:  The Original Wedding Tea Towel

Dress: JJ’s House

Dress Alterations: Alter Girls

Brides Shoes: West End Wedding Boutique

Grooms Outfit:  Haggarts of Aberfeldy

We discovered Heron Valley at Loch Fyne food festival and were blown away.  An incredibly talented young group.

Simon Lees, from SimonsStudio was absolutely superb, such an amazing guy who is truly passionate about and in love with what he does, and genuinely wants to create unforgettable photos for you.  That’s what made him able to capture such incredible photos for us and he was loving getting out and about as much as we were. He captured us, Scotland, our family and friends and our whole day and night perfectly and exceeded our expectations.  We love him! 

We also got a post wedding shoot at Ben Lawers, about 15 mins from Fortingall,  two days later, which was incredible as we got the opportunity to get suited and booted up again! I just left my hair natural, did my own make up (with the assistance of my sister!) and the photos that resulted were spectacular.  There was something so special about simplifying it all.  Again Scotland at it’s best for us, we loved every second and feel Simon captured us as a couple again, out in the hills that we love together, sharing our special time with a country that we adore (and getting to look a little more fancy than in our usual outdoor gear!).