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For a long, long, long time I was adamant I was going to do my own make-up. Working from home with only the dog to be offended by my face, most of the time I don’t wear make-up day to day anymore. When I do wear make-up it’s usually very natural, but I do occasionally go all out when I go out. I enjoy doing my make-up and I’ve got to know how I like it and what products I like to use over the years. I’ve been determined that on my wedding day I’m going to look and feel like me (on a good day), so doing my own make-up seemed evident. 

Until, my bridesmaid gave me a reality check. I’m already being florist come bride on my wedding morning. I would need to help my mum do her make-up as well as doing my own. Do I really need to be florist come MUA come bride on a time schedule? Probably not. We had this discussion in front of the lovely Lesley of Pamper & Polish, and I admitted that if I were to hire a professional to do my make-up then it would be Lesley that I would ask. My bridesmaid was trying to convince me to have a trial and see how I felt afterwards. Stubborn little me said I’d think about it…!

And stubborn little me continued researching what make-up I should use to DIY. My go-to Estee Lauder Doublewear Light is said not to photograph well so I’d need to find a new foundation. I bought myself an Urban Decay Naked palate before deciding that as much as I liked it, it wasn’t the right shades I wanted for my wedding make-up. I started hunting for the perfect lip stain and spent a good twenty minutes walking around Debenhams waiting for one to dry that ended up feeling like I was wearing PVA glue. I have suffered from eczema since I was a baby so I have got sensitive and dry skin. When I find something that works for me, I tend to stick with it. I only have a plan A. I think I then eventually came to the realisation that I was in over my head and finally messaged Lesley asking to organise a trial.

Lesley working her magic on hair at last years Braw Brides Workshop    Images by  Gavin Butler Photographer Filmmaker

Lesley working her magic on hair at last years Braw Brides Workshop

Images by Gavin Butler Photographer Filmmaker

And I am so glad I did! I’ve always been a smoky eye, eyeliner flick and nude lip kind of girl. I love a vintage feel and Brigitte Bardot is my favourite. I wear black eyeliner for a night out but always brown for daytime, so I felt keeping my eyes smoky but browns and golds would be a happy medium for my wedding make-up. Lesley completely understood and took on board everything I told her. She started off very light on my eyes and we built it up in stages until we felt we’d reached the right level. Lesley went light on my mascara and suggested adding lashes for extra volume.  If I had decided to do my own eye make-up I know I would have lathered on the mascara and, although it now seems glaringly obvious, I would have ended up with dark circles and flaky eye make-up half way through the day. Lashes would never have fallen into my ‘natural’ bracket, I’ve only ever worn them in theatre make-up, but I’m now the proud owner of two sets of Eylure natural lashes: one to trial run at my hen do and the other to keep for Lesley for my wedding day. I’ve also bought a Rimmel Provocalips 16 hour Kiss Proof Lip Colour (don’t blame me, that’s what they named it) to test out at my hen too. Lesley recommended buying our own lip product that she can apply in the morning but we then have it to top up through the day. 

In hindsight, I am really glad that I’ve opted to hire a professional. As with every type of wedding supplier, they have the experience in product and technique. Our make-up is going to be long lasting, consistent in our photographs and there’ll be no cakey or ghostly ladies in sight!