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Our wedding is in 8 weeks. 8 WEEKS. 

You should have been reading this post last week but I had to postpone due to ALL THE FLOWERS. (I’m sure you won’t mind.) I’m in the swing of peak wedding season and I really am grateful for my busy diary, but last week I had a minor freak out and made a to do list of all of the jobs we still need to take care of. 

Organised chaos is probably the best way to describe my current mind set. I’m trying to think of everything but I’m an inch away from being done with faffing over the little things and the stage of ‘if it’s not done, it’s not getting done’. The chances are if it’s not been addressed already, in the grand scheme of things it’s not important. 

We’ve bought a nice wooden ring box, posh paper napkins for the cake table and we’ve bought most of the presents. Robert’s kilt has arrived, he’s had his fitting and it’s now hanging in the wardrobe in the spare room. We’ve submitted our marriage notices, my post-dated Passport application has been started and I’ve been building up my honeymoon wardrobe. I’m currently flicking between writing this and looking at travel money cards. 

We’ve chosen our menu and our wine, we’ve started paying things off, we’re chasing up the last of the RSVPs and then we can get the table plan and place cards made. I’m back to see Wendy at Flossy and Dossy next week to give my dress it’s final sign off and we’ve touched base with any suppliers we need to confirm detail with. I’ve had my hen do and Robert has his stag this weekend. We’ve been through the ceremony with our celebrant and we’ve started writing our vows. Robert has even written his speech. 

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Compared to many, we’re probably meticulously organised. But I am an organiser and I’ve liked organising people all my life. Sheryl Sandberg would have told little me that I had killer leadership skills. I had spread sheets when we moved into our flat, moved into our house and of course for the entire wedding budget. Every little thing has been recorded so I’ve constantly been on top of how much we were spending. Partly so we could make sure we had enough savings to cover the big things, but also because I was really curious to see what our final bill would be. We haven’t denied ourselves anything we would like, but we’ve overlooked anything we didn’t feel was important to us. We’ve very much looked at our wedding from our own perspective and no one else’s. We want everyone to enjoy the day, of course we do, but if an auntie moans there’s no fruitcake, well there’s chocolate cake instead. 

We’re now getting oh so impatient; I know the next eight weeks will fly by but we just want it to be here! It is only one day out of your lifetime, but it’s one day you’ve spent a considerable amount of money and effort on. Remember to enjoy it, try and take it all in and if something gets missed, no one will know but you. Hell, I hope you’d be too busy to notice anyway. 

Engagement Shoot Epicness by  Rooftop Mosaic

Engagement Shoot Epicness by Rooftop Mosaic