why you should plan an on trend wedding

Why you should plan an on-trend wedding

This might be a little bit controversial but I'm going to say it, I think you should plan a fashionable wedding. When it comes to wedding design I think classic is overrated. A wedding is one day in your life and then it's over (yup, sorry but it really is just one day, or a week at a push!) so why is there so much pressure to have a wedding which is timeless? It's not like you're going to be dragging your dress out in 10 years time and trying to squeeze back into it. And if you're thinking you might, just don't, ok? Put. The. Dress. Down. 

One of the most amazing things about old wedding photos is how of their time they are. I love the fact that my mum wore a medieval influenced Guinevere style dress with a skull cap in the seventies. While the 50s inspired tea length gown and bird cage veil I wore 5 years ago has already started to date. I can't wait for the day my daughter looks at it and says 'Mum, what on earth did you wear that for?'. That's half the fun. 

So I reckon forget classic, relax and have fun planning your wedding. Of course your big day should look great but it's a brilliant opportunity to unleash your creative side, let your personality shine and be inspired by current trends. A wedding doesn't have to be perfect to be unforgettable.

Rachel's from Paper Arrow Press' top tips for planning an on-trend wedding

  • Let your style show - just because it's your wedding doesn't mean you have to completely abandon your every day style. If you wear cool glasses why not keep them for your big day?
  • Get a Pinterest account - actually I'm not sure you're allowed to get married without one these days! It's a brilliant resource for inspiration
  • Inspire your suppliers - let your suppliers know that you'd love something really on-trend, it'll be music to their ears!
  • Don't limit your research to wedding publications. Wedding blogs and magazines are a brilliant source of inspiration for real weddings but why not look beyond that to see what's current in the world or fashion, interiors, music or even architecture? At Paper Arrow Press recent sources of inspiration have been fashion, space travel and bold colour

It's one day in your life, have fun, be frivolous and be inspired by any trend that you fancy - give your kids something to really laugh at in 20 years time. 

You can read more of Rachel's thoughts on her blog and don't forget to check out her gorgeous stationery design at www.paperarrowpress.co.uk