our blogging couple | meet lauren + michael

"I will take the ring...though I do not know the way" (F.Baggins)

We are the blogging bride and groom. Much like the fellowship of the ring, we're going on an adventure, although hopefully with much less walking. Making the first step in the wedding planning process can be daunting but we've found that it's actually been really fun, and reading this blog has helped to inspire us along the way, so we hope we can do the same for you.

Lauren + Michaels engagement shoot in Helensburgh by Gavin Butler Photographer Filmaker. Catch Gavin on his website, Facebook or Instagram.

Meet Michael...

Hi I'm Butler. Or if you're my mum I'm Michael. But to my fiance and mostly everyone else I'm Butler. I'm currently lying around my flat with Lauren (My fiance), and I have just informed her that it's not time for me to talk about her yet as you people haven't had the full experience that is Michael Butler and her part doesn't come for AT LEAST another three paragraphs. We're both laughing and making fun of each other, and that's just about what we've been doing for the last 11 years. It's awesome.

About a millenia ago, I decided I was going to pluck up the courage to ask Lauren to marry me (I decided I had waited long enough for her to step up) Then 5/6 of a millenia later we actually found ourselves in the right place and time to do that whole marriage thing that everyone is always banging on about. We've been about as close as two people can get for a long time and so trying to surprise Lauren was going to be a challenge, but I never turn down a challenge! (Unless it's for literally anything else in the whole world apart from Lauren because let's be honest, CHALLENGES ARE PURE HARD.)

So at our next family IKEA outing, full of meatballs and courage, I endeavoured to ask Lauren's dad for his permission to marry his beautiful daughter. He said yes OBVS because I'm just so damn great, but on a side note, he also immediately let the cat out of the bag with Lauren and her mum LITERALLY sixty seconds later. God I love him but as if it wasn't already hard enough to keep it on the D-L!

So I had another think about what to do and what Lauren would appreciate most and, on the 31st October (10 years exactly from when we'd met), I decided that the best way to surprise her was to also surprise myself. It makes sense trust me, don't think too much about it. I was going to hold the ring close to me until it felt right and just pop the question no matter the circumstances.

Twelve hours later, in our beautiful flat with our beautiful cats, Lauren unwittingly provided me the best (and soonest) opportunity to ask the question. There's a blogsworth in itself for what I was thinking and feeling when I proposed but it boils down to this: We had just woke up, we were wearing pyjamas, we were happy... what the hell was I waiting for.

Meet Lauren...

Hi I'm Lauren. Eleven years ago on Halloween I went to The Cavern in Irvine dressed in a totally original cat woman outfit made from random black items of clothing I found in my house. I was 16 but the whiskers and tail clearly helped to refine my look as a mature and responsible young adult. Glad it worked because that night I met Butler. Butler was not dressed up for Halloween. Butler was wearing a Biffy Clyro T shirt. It was 2005, before the many horrors of Matt Cardle and nobody knew who Biffy were.

I HAD to talk to this guy, I mean, he also loved Biffy! So after a not so gentle push from my friend, I introduced myself to him. Ten years and one day later, he proposed. Even though we had discussed marriage many times, I had recently spent three weeks in Tanzania with a bunch of pupils convincing me he would propose when we landed, AND my dad is terrible at keeping secrets, he totally and utterly surprised me.

I was swept off my feet and for us it was just perfect. He made the most beautiful, hilarious and emotional speech, and had picked an absolute stonker of a ring which was exactly what I imagined myself wearing. Although I wouldn't have expected anything less from this wonderful man who could not be more supportive, hilarious, sweet and right on!

So now here we are, planning a wedding and making decisions about how many fairy lights is too many fairy lights and how unpredictable it would be to put the cats on leads and walk them down the aisle as a flower cat and page kitty.

PS the Biffy t-shirt was his brothers. He had no idea who they were and just stole the first t shirt he found that night.