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Pronunciation: /ˈfəʊməʊ/ 


Anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on social media: 

I realised I was a lifelong sufferer of FOMO

Videography. An absolute art and something I admire greatly. As a photographer I take as much inspiration from cinematographers as I do photographers. A well shot film can transcend its content (i.e. I can enjoy a rubbish film if it looks amazing). There are, like in every other field, good and bad.

And so this translates to the world of weddings. There are great wedding films, and there are... less great wedding films. I think that it's often the case that people, when thinking of wedding films, think of a specific kind of film. Cheesy would probably be the most common adjective. In my mind it was (before I knew better).

There's an idea that wedding films are all soft focus, slow motion Hollywood dips and twirls. Some of them are, and some people do this style really well. To me, though, it's a bit dated, and not something that I would want to reflect our wedding. It's not really us. And it seems to be a fairly commonly held myth that if you want a wedding video, that's what you'll get. But oh wow there is so much more to it than that.

Wedding films (and therefore film-makers) aren't quite as ubiquitous as wedding photographers. Probably as the perceived entry requirements to the industry are a bit higher in terms of kit & knowledge base. And although there might not be as many company options, that doesn't mean that there are fewer style options. Even in a place as small as Scotland, the bases are covered by some world class wedding videographers.

But this isn't a sales pitch for any of them. It's about how we went from deciding we weren't having a video, to booking one of the best, two months out from our wedding.

I wasn't keen on the idea. The thought of being able to relive my awkward mumbling that will pass for a speech didn't appeal at all (don't even get started on the dancing). Also, I wasn't sure who I'd show it to.  My sister got married last year and got an amazing wedding film which I enjoyed sitting down to watch with them afterwards. Not sure it's something I'd go back to again and again though.

Something changed recently, and it all started with a potent dose of FOMO. Almost exclusively, the thoughts on wedding videos from those who decided against are "I really wish I'd got a videographer". I've even heard some say it's their biggest wedding day regret. I don't want to look back on the wedding with regrets about things I didn't do. And I've never heard anybody say that they regret booking a video.


Marieanne + Tom

Filmed by MacDonald Studio

After the FOMO kicked in, the reasons for having a video started mounting in my head. Probably to self justify the unplanned expense. But they all make perfect sense, even looking at it objectively.

The money we spend on a videographer, while unplanned, will have ended up being spent on something, at some point. It would have gone either way. Better to go on something more valuable than the pound notes themselves.


Natalie + Iain

Filmed by YPod Wedding Films

Family. Not so much parents and siblings (though I'm sure my mum watches my sister's film fairly regularly), but the family that will hopefully come in the future.  They won't get to see us on our wedding day. Sure, they'll see the photos, but what I wouldn't give to hear what my Grandpa said in his wedding speech about his new wife, who would end up becoming my all time hero. I sadly don't remember him, so that insight and to hear him talk, I'd give all of our wedding budget to have that opportunity.

So, with great ambitions of someday becoming a heroic figure to a grandkid, I figured that the video was a digital ornament. Hopefully something that Cat and I can enjoy in the short term, but more, so that somebody else can enjoy it even more, laughing at the absurdity of this guy from 60 years ago having a big ginger beard when he got married. That's so 2016. Loser.

We booked a videographer. Somebody whose style we love and very much fits with the personality of our wedding. It will sit perfectly alongside our mishmash of tag-teamed photographs. And more importantly, the people that we have booked fit perfectly with our personality. They are fun and laid back and an absolute powerhouse in their field. It doesn't really matter who they are. There are loads of options, and every persons aesthetic ideal will guide them to who they should choose. As I touched on in a previous post, please think about how you get on with them as well as how much you like their style. You don't want to spend all day with somebody that will drive you up the wall!

Fingers crossed I'm not left with any wedding day regrets, but I have some piece of mind knowing that the media frenzy of our wedding means that it will be documented by some of the very best people possible.

Not long to go now!