our blogging groom | the last word

Well. This has been a wild old ride, and it's not even over yet.

Writing this blog has been a strange experience for me. I have written it, for the most part, alone and away from much outside influence, and sometimes without much consideration for who I might be saying it to. It has always been personal and very honest. To the point where I think I may have raised a few familial eyebrows and cause some minor stirs. 

It's been strange when people tell me they've been reading it as well. It's obviously the point, but writing in isolation and hitting publish hasn't really prepared me for discussing this all in person. I'm probably guilty of being more honest here that I would be in an average conversation about the wedding. People (every person) asks "how's the wedding planning going?". Every person that asks means well, but very few get a truly honest response. Much like a "how's it going?", the answer tends to be "fine, thanks".

And, for the most part, it has been fine. Sometime's it's been great. Sometimes it's been frustrating (oh so frustrating). As the countdown starts to move to days rather than weeks, it's the great parts that are front and foremost in my mind. Our to-do lists are still as long as they have been, but at this point, we're getting married, and if we don't do another thing, it won't matter too much. The wedding will happen, there will be food, there will be booze, there will be music. I've even started breaking in my shoes!!

The stage we're at now is something I touched on way back, and can be as big or small a part of your planning as you like. Personalising the wedding. 

Our wedding will be my 31st and Cat's 71st of the year. A few of them as guests, most of them working. It's a lot more than my usual, and way more than most people see in such a short space of time. People that tend to book me are people who are doing their wedding their own way, rather than following the old dogmas. It's been an amazing chance to steal some of their awesome ideas and act as an inspiration for what we want to do ourselves. When you're spending a large amount of time and money on a celebration of your relationship with another person, it seems logical that he celebration should be personal to you both. Pinterest and some of the best wedding blogs (like Braw Brides, obvz!) are an amazing resource for pulling out ideas, but don't let them get in the way of you expressing who you are as people. 

A bride recently asked if we could copy some photos she had found on Pinterest. I found it quite difficult to word a response, but my message was pretty simple; your wedding will be amazing because you'll have the time of your life celebrating with the person you love most. You don't need to copy anybody or anything that you see as 'idyllic' to make memories. That will happen organically if you're able to be fully honest with yourself, and with each other when you're planning your wedding.

I hope that, over the months, you might have at least found a couple of useful nuggets in amongst my waffling. In a fairly short amount of time, I'll be a married man. By all accounts, it won't feel much different, so I guess we better enjoy the party ;)

Good luck with your own wedding planning, and thank you so much for reading and coming along for the ride with me.

Image by Lisa Devlin www.devlinphotos.co.uk