hannah + robbie | fortinghall village hall

Hannah and Robbie were married on 18th June at Fortingall Village Hall. They were planning their wedding for two years. Huge thanks to Donna McGowan for sharing her images of their gorgeous sunny day. You can contact Donna through her website.

"Fortingall Village Hall very much suited our wedding theme, it was about both the venue and the location, it was in a lovely village with thatched cottages and miles of countryside. The venue was rustic, with beautiful beams and it was a blank canvas so we could really put our personal touch on it."

"I loved planning it all as a family, it really brought my husband and I's families closer together as it was a very homemade wedding which made the planning and crafting a lot of fun to bring our vision to life. We made sure to involve them all and what they contributed made the wedding very personal, my mother in law made beautiful tartan hearts to hang on the windows in Isle of Skye tartan as I grew up there, my sister created our whole sweet stand for us which turned out so cute I almost didn’t want anyone to eat anything from it! And my mum and sister painstakingly stencilled the letters onto the wooden pallet for us  – everyone's combined efforts were hugely touching and so appreciated."

"The two days before the wedding both families spent the whole time at the hall decorating it all and bringing everything together, I can honestly say we wouldn’t have had such an amazing day without their help."  

"Robbie was pretty involved, he let me take the reigns but we made sure every single detail was what both of us wanted, and I think the wedding really reflected both our personalities. It was important to me that the wedding felt like a joint result of our ideas. It would have been easy to go and book / buy and organise everything myself and I know he would have trusted my judgment but it felt a bit old fashioned. Having us do it together kept it a combined effort."

"I went shopping for wedding dresses in Glasgow and mine was the second dress I tried on! I visited a few more shops but went back to that one. What I loved about it was that the dresses were all handmade so I was able to have every detail made the way I liked which was amazing. The store was lovely, just off George Square and run by the lovely Susanne Chrystine. And surprisingly, more cost effective that some other dresses I had tried on that were off the shelf. I have never been very confident with my figure and the dress made me feel confident which is what every bride hopes for!"

"Neither of us are religious and we loved the ideologies behind Humanism. Our celebrant was a lovely guy and made us feel so comfortable, he was also very funny which on the day helped me relax and helped maintain the informal fun vibe we were going for."  

"I think our first dance is my clearest memory; one of our best friends performed one of his original songs for us and he is well known among our family and friends so it was not just special for us but for everyone there."

"I also really enjoyed the morning getting ready, it was such a fun atmosphere at the house and the make up artist and hairdresser were lovely; it just felt like getting ready for a girls night out! I think that was important in helping to calm the nerves. That, and a prosseco breakfast!"

"I loved putting our favours together, we had home made tablet made by my mother in laws friend, Talisker whisky for the lads as it is from Skye where I grew up, and my husband (still getting used to saying that!) and I made raspberry gin for the lasses with Scottish raspberries which we bottled and added little labels that said 'Slainte Mhath' - Gaelic for cheers!"

"Some of my favourite personal touches were the ladder we decorated – it was my papa's old wooden ladder and then my dad's and had been covered in paint and smiley faces my sister and I had drew on it when were kids. Our cards and gift box was my papa's old tool box also – it was so lovely to have reminders of him there. Also, the chairs we sat on to sign our wedding license were from my grans kitchen, who had sadly passed away just three months before the wedding. We also had one of our best friends as our master of ceremonies and he did an amazing job!" 

"One of my favourite memories is the very end of the wedding, the band were playing Loch Lomond and out of nowhere some of our friends picked us up and were spinning us round – it was amazing to look round at all our guests happy faces and such a fun way to end the night."

"Enjoy it – it can easily become stressful, and it is a lot of work but it can be a once in a lifetime experience and it is important to enjoy it as much as possible. On the day we could not stop smiling and everything went by so fast – lots of people advised us to take the time to enjoy it with each other as you are constantly being whisked away. We had a lovely moment just the two of us grinning like idiots over how well everything was going!"


Venue: Fortingall Village Hall 

Humanist Celebrant: Jim Petherick

Brides Gown: Susanne Christyne Bridal

Band: The Kicks 

Florist: Coach House Flowers (and my mum planted up lots of flowers in the spring to use around the outside of the venue) 

Stationery: Save the dates and RSVP's by Georgie Fraser 

Photographer: Donna McGowan & Drew John Barnes assisting  

Make Up: Lesley Neil 

Hair: Laura Ford 

Transport for bridesmaids: Love Vintage Campers

"I have to say all the suppliers we used were amazing, it is hard to pick just one! Donna McGowan has been a friend for years. My sister and I used to run a vintage clothing business which she was the photographer for and I was so chuffed when she agreed to do our wedding for us. As she is a friend it meant it was so relaxed having her photograph us all getting ready and I knew the photos would be amazing."