emma + andrew | killearn village hall

Emma and Andrew were married on 21st November in Kirkhouse Woods with a reception in Killearn Village Hall afterwards. Huge thanks to the brilliant Rooftop Mosaic for sharing their images of the day. You can catch Gail and David on their website, Facebook or Instagram.

"We got engaged whilst on holiday with friends in the US (26th June 2015) so had five months to plan. It did feel tight at times but any longer and I think it would have changed how things turned out and neither of us wanted that."

"We both knew we wanted something a little more tailored than a package deal and we were drawn to Killearn as we knew food was going to be an important part of our day and the Three Sister’s Bake definitely does amazing food that we both love. So we took a couple trips up and were trying to look for an outdoor spot as I really wanted to be outside – in the fresh air (despite the risks of truly awful Scottish weather). When we went up the first time we went for a drive and then walked around and came across this gorgeous aqueduct that was just spectacular visually and felt perfect for us. The challenge then was that this one wasn’t accessible to the public. So it led to a whole load of research about a series of local aqueducts on the same route – just outside Killearn. So lots of recce’s ensued – lots of climbing gates and thinking through practicalities of access. In the end we settled for the forest right beside the original aqueduct and a clearing in the woods fitted all our guests and us comfortably and beautifully."

"I think I enjoyed all the site visits, trying to find that illusive spot where the ceremony might be. Andrew and I went up a few times, I went with my bridesmaids, and also used it as an excuse to go for a run along the old roads in the hills with friends. So that kind of added to the memories."

"Andrew was incredibly involved. It was really nice to be able to share every decision so it really did feel like every aspect was a reflection of the best of both of us. There were times when it might have gotten tense – my refusal to admit that bad weather might affect the outdoor ceremony but we compromised on having a back-up plan and being brave. I think the agreement in the end was rain was fine – we would gather up umbrellas (Andrew’s compromise) but torrential rain and wind were not (my compromise). Luckily we were blessed with the only dry (albeit cold) weekend that November."

"I was actually planning to make my dress and had picked out some inspiration on Pinterest. I think my mom, who would have been helping me with it, was probably quite relieved when I ended up buying one. I thought it would make sense to go and try some on and make sure the style I had my eye on actually suited me. I was pretty oblivious to practicalities of dress shopping – like you need to have an appointment, well in advance. So I called a shop a friend used to work in and said I wanted to come in that Saturday. They explained how they were full for a couple weeks and asked when the ceremony was. When I said it was only a few months away they squeezed me in really early in the morning, in the bridesmaid’s changing rooms (obviously feeling sorry for the disorganised bride). It turns out that was even better than upstairs which was swamped with brides in all kinds of dresses and even just being in the room with them made it feel quite impersonal. So I randomly pointed at some dresses amongst an overwhelming number of lace/sequin choices and headed to the quiet downstairs with my mom and bridesmaids. My dedicated staff member from the shop was lovely and completely made me relax. She also turned out to be brilliant at her job and while they were bringing the dresses she said - let me just get one I think you might like. She reappeared with a strapless jacquard full length dress with a fitted corset hidden underneath. I stepped into it (as I was shown was the done thing) and stepped out to show my entourage. It fitted like a glove. It was just my style, fitted without any need for adjustment anywhere and was on sale! I tried on three more styles but the first one was the winner. So this last minute recce turned into me buying the dress. We of course went and had breakfast to think about it but then headed straight back and got the dress."

"We had a Humanist ceremony with celebrant Sheena Johnston from Balfron. She was local so it felt right and when we met her she put us totally at ease. Even sending us away with some eggs from her chickens! The ceremony that she prepared was great and took into account all the things we talked about and she was happy for us to drag her outside for a ceremony in November too which was great. Her delivery of the ceremony was perfect – having been to a couple ceremonies where names get mixed up I was very relieved that Sheena was such a great speaker that it really added to the day."

"I think there were several elements that worked together to make it our day memorable. The night before we had booked out a set of cottages locally and had dinner with all our friends so waking up and having them all milling about made us both feel really relaxed but also helped build up that excitement about the day (not to mention my mom coming to make us pancakes while we got ready). Also being able to get married outside just felt right (in spite of the freezing temperatures that made my lips turn blue) and managing to sneak our favourite photograph on the old aqueduct right beside where we had the ceremony helped really make the day."

"Andrew had put together a home-made photo booth with a series of iPads and we tucked it, and our fancy dress stuff, into a recess in the corridor between the hall and the bar/bathrooms - which surprisingly made it the perfect spot to draw people in. Our friends and family were all over it! We ended up with some of the most unexpected combinations of friends and family donning hats and funny faces and reminding us of why we love them all."

"One of my favourite moments, and one that will end up solely in my memory as I think we only have one photo of it, will be our version of the first (pretty much last) dance. We weren’t keen on a first dance where everyone is staring at you and you are concentrating hard on dancing well – that’s not us at all. So we opted for a bit of a ‘soul train’ at the end of the night. We gathered everyone in two lines (creating a path) and then switched on a song we’d chosen and ran to the top to dance down that makeshift aisle. Followed by the next two and the next… I am pretty sure we both looked mad as anything but it was so much fun and I think it got everyone’s blood pumping for those last few dances before home time!"

"Make sure it is all about you two. The lasting feeling we had after the day was that because we were so happy with everything, that wore off on everyone else. There were of course complicated moments where other people try to influence what you do and what they think a wedding ‘should’ be, but hold fast to your vision -  as on the day all those planning niggles will wash away and what is left is a day without regrets."


Venue: Ceremony in Kirkhouse Woods, Killearn and reception at Killearn Village Hall

Catering: Three Sisters Bake

Band: Clamjamfry

Photographer: Rooftop Mosaic

Dress Shop: Anne Priscilla Bridal

Dress Designer: Stewart Parvin ("Cherish")

Bride's Shoes: Melissa

Groom's Suit: Slaters Menswear

Stationery and Decor: Emma the bride! 

Rooftop Mosaic were amazing. They kept us right on the day and worked with us to make sure it was a totally relaxing experience tailored to our needs and wants, particularly the first look shoot, which just took all the hassle out of that aspect of the wedding completely. They were even willing to climb gates and spiked fences to make sure we got the shots that we love. They are stars!