our blogging couple | tending the wedding garden

“It's the job that's never started as takes longest to finish.”

As we entered 2017 we were suddenly reminded. WE'RE GETTING MARRIED. Oh boy had we lost track of what was happening with our wedding. We spent so much time organising Christmas, New Year and a myriad of birthdays (never mind the general feeling of 'meh' that enshrines the entire month of January)  that we neglected to tend to our wedding garden, now the grass needs trimming and the bushes pruned. So we are finally getting round to donning our gloves and digging in.

A quick glance at the old wedding planner/bag of loose papers told us we had a lot to catch up on. A florist that had been chosen but not booked, a venue contract that had been made but not signed, a guest list that needed updating and a wedding day that needed some serious scheduling. Among other things. Again those feelings of being overwhelmed crept up, leading us to the logical conclusion; cancel the whole thing and just play video games together until it all blows over. I mean, get back on track with our wedding plans? Yeah. That one.

So we booked the florist (Julie aka A Curious Arrangement. She is awesome) and we signed for the venue (The Tin Shed at Knockraich. Also awesome), and Lauren scheduled in the first bridal dress fitting (A bespoke dress made by Aimee aka MeeMee Couture. You guessed it, awesome). Then we had a sit down together and started to plan the wedding... again. That's when we were reminded again. WE'RE GETTING MARRIED. Just like when we first got engaged, first saw the venue we wanted, first imagined that most important day of our lives. The overwhelming feeling was replaced by excitement, those post Christmas blues replaced with pre weddingbutterflies, and all of a sudden, it was fun again!

The beaut work of  A Curious Arrangement  shot by  Rooftop Mosaic

The beaut work of A Curious Arrangement shot by Rooftop Mosaic

So whilst all the planning and the lists and the jobs might seem daunting sometimes, it is going to be an absolute pleasure to work with such amazing people along the way - our wonderful family and friends, and our insanely talented and creative suppliers (more gushing on them later). And at the end of the day, we will be married and neither of us will wish we had spent more time agonising over tiny details instead of hanging out together on the sofa or playing ps4 all night, because that's what it's all about.

Of course, you can't plan for everything, and there are bound to be some curveballs along the way, and our first surprise happened just before Christmas, when we learned that two of our wedding party are expecting to be somewhat busy around the wedding date. Although this was a total bolt out the blue, it was a very welcome one, and a reminder that this wedding is not the centre of the universe. Is it important and exciting? Yes. Is it the only important and exciting thing that ever has or ever will happen to anyone? No. This particular bump only confirmed to us that we made the right choice in our wedding party lineup; we have chosen people who deeply care about us, and whom we deeply care about too, so throw us some more curveballs please, we got this!