rebecca + scott | garden tipi wedding

Rebecca and Scott were married on 13th August, and were engaged for three years beforehand. They had a a lovely one year gap before they started the wedding planning. Huge thanks to the fantastic Lisa Devine for sharing her images with us... you can catch Lisa on her website, Facebook and Instagram.

"We had our legal ceremony in Lockerbie Town Hall on the morning of our wedding day, dressed in jeans and hoodies (I had no make-up on), with our best friends; my maid of honour, Lucy and Scott's best man, Steve as witnesses. We had arranged the shortest version that we could have and I had envisioned that we would just be in, sign the papers and leave to get home and ready for our home ceremony. We hadn’t booked our photographer for this part and didn’t even take our wedding rings with us! I had no idea that it would turn out to be the most emotional part of the day. The registrar was so lovely and the room was stunning. The enormity of what we were actually doing hit us as soon as the registrar started our vows, all four of us were in tears – I literally sobbed through the whole thing! After the short drive home, Scott and I went into separate parts of our home to get ready. We then had a ceremony in a stunning tipi in our front garden in front of our closest family and friends."       

Rebecca + Scott by Worldly Nomad Films

"I was really struggling with the idea of wearing a traditional wedding dress. I was inspired by the bohemian styles but I still couldn’t find one that I loved. When I saw a picture of the Alice Temperley dress, with those colours and the embroidery, I just knew that was the one! As it was past season though I couldn't get it anywhere. I eventually tracked down the short version in the outlet store in Oxford, it was the last one and it was my size! But on the drive down, my bridesmaids convinced me that it wasn’t ‘wedding-y' enough, especially being short. So when we got to the store I started just trying on the Temperley wedding dresses, which were lovely, but they just didn’t do it for me. So I decided to try on the dress I had originally wanted, “just for fun” I told the girls. As soon as I put it on I just knew that I didn’t want to try on another dress and when my bridesmaids saw my face they knew I meant it and agreed that it was very me! So I just went for it! The same day, I found my green Valentino shoes and thought that I was all sorted, but as the wedding got closer, I decided that the girls had been right and that I didn’t feel ‘wedding-y' enough. After lots of thought, I had the idea of putting a skirt over the top of the dress for the ceremony, which I could then take off for the reception. I found a fantastic dress maker in Glasgow, Wendy at Flossy & Dossy and I was delighted when she thought that it was a great idea too!"

"At the very beginning of the planning process we knew that our ceremony had to feature our boys; Jake, 7 and Riley, 5 and our Saint Bernards, Leah and Olly. Jake and Riley did the readings with the help of bridesmaid Lucy – they were fantastic! Leah was our ring bearer, which turned into a bit of a comedy act with the best man Steve, who was trying to retrieve the rings from a bag attached to Leah's collar whilst trying to avoid being slobbered on! I then had Olly to walk me down the aisle – with my Dad dying when I was younger and my Grandad being just too old to have managed it, I decided that it was a fitting role for Olly as no-one else could’ve filled it for me."

"The other element of the ceremony that had been decided very early on was that our close friend, Finlay, would be the one to ‘marry’ us. This was one of our favourite parts of the day; Finlay was perfect! Apart from the running order of things, we had absolutely no input in what he said at all and in true Finlay-style he had everyone laughing and the whole thing felt very relaxed and personal, which is exactly what we wanted!"                                                                           

"My clearest memory is seeing Scott as I walked through the tipi and I had tears streaming down my face. I still remember thinking that I can’t even wipe my tears as I have the dog lead and the bottom of my dress in one hand (to stop Olly standing on it) and my bouquet in the other hand. I think the emotions just hit me as I realised at that moment that all of the planning had come down to this – I was marrying my best friend!"

"Scott was very involved in that he had to listen to every crazy idea (nearly every night) and although he has learned to trust my craziness he definitely had to reign me in a few times! He’s the sensible head in our relationship."

"I loved the whole planning process and how ideas just evolved from one thing to another. I researched every part of it in fine detail – from the dress, the flowers, invites, food, photographer, everything. I was just so inspired – that was a great feeling. Although, Pinterest has a lot to answer for – I definitely needed a break from it afterwards!"

"Our favourite part of the day was the speeches! Just hearing all of the heart felt words and emotion with pops of laughter and definite cringe moments too! Sharing it all with our guests was just amazing! Both of our Mum's had gotten caught up in the excitement of the day and after more than enough prosecco, Scott's Mum made an impromptu speech – it was the most hilarious (mostly due to the prosecco) and tear jerking speech I had ever heard. I’m so, so glad that we had the whole day filmed by the amazing videographer Barry Best of Worldly nomads films – we can treasure those moments forever and our kids and grandkids can have fun watching it too!"

"Our meal was served in a marquee that we’d borrowed from the local scout group and the food was prepared in our kitchen by local caterers, Kate and Nicky, who did an outstanding job! Our groomsmen and friends served the food and we had plenty of ‘help yourself’ prosecco and beer to go around. It was just like having a posh version of our annual summer bbq, it was so relaxed and FUN! We had an ice cream van turn up for our dessert which was a surprise for our guests and it got a great reaction! In the evening we headed down to our local village hall for a ceilidh and 80's disco to finish off the night. We were so glad that we’d kept it to just our closest family and friends – the atmosphere was amazing, we had the best time!"

"My absolute favourite detail of the day were the flowers! I decided to do them myself, which was a huge risk as I had absolutely no experience at all! But I knew exactly what I wanted – a really wild bouquet with lots of greenery and the mustard and burnt orange colours of the bridesmaid dresses. My friends Lucy and Shelli helped me to arrange them the day before and I was so happy with them and proud of us for pulling it off!"

"My advice for other couples is to not worry about what anyone else might think or how weddings are supposed to be; everyone will have an opinion anyway so you might as well do it your own way."


Venue: Lockerbie Town Hall, our home (Birkshaw) and St.Mungo Village Hall

Band: Blaze in the Bothy 

Florist: Flowers supplied by Triangle Nursery and Florence and Flowers

Cakemaker: Aunty Kay

Make-up:  Complete Bride

Hair: Chloe Dalrymple at Trend, Annan

Bridal Outfit:  Dress: Alice Temperley, Shoes: New Look and Valentino and Skirt: Flossy & Dossy

Bridesmaids Outfits:  Dresses: ASOS, Shoes: New Look and Flower girl Dresses: Monsoon

Grooms Outfit:  Kilt: Ancient hunting Robertson, W. Glendinning & Son Sporran: Half-Goat Leatherwork. Brogues: John Rocha. Groomsmen: W. Glendinning & Son.

Transport:  Criffel Coaches

Caterers:  Katering Allsorts

Favours:  RSPB badges

Photographer: (the amazing) Lisa Devine Photography

Videographer: Worldly Nomads Films

Ice Cream Van: Pelosi's

Bar:  The Keg Shed

Buffet:  T.A Francis & Son's

Tipi:  Special Event Tipi's

Marquee:  Lockerbie Scout Group

Rings:  Katie Lees