robyn + adam | loch leven glencoe

Robyn + Adam were married on 5th April on the edge of Loch Leven, Glencoe. "We booked our photographer and celebrant in July 2016 but were due our baby so we didn’t start the planning or buying anything until January 2017." Huge thanks to the fantastic Carole Ann from Harper Scott Photo for sharing her images with us - you can catch Carole Ann on her websiteFacebook and Instagram.

"Whilst I came up with most of the ideas, Adam was very involved in the planning. We picked everything together and talked everything through. I wouldn’t have wanted anything that he didn’t want or like as the day was for us both - not just me even although I did keep calling it 'my wedding' by accident."

"Ordering all of the little bits and pieces and having all of the boxes arriving through the door made it feel like I was having my own little Christmas everyday."

"I came across a Needle and Thread dress whilst browsing online and fell in love with it. I ordered it from Harrods but it arrived damaged – it was the last one they had so they refunded me half of the cost of the dress and I had a local seamstress fix it up for me. It ended up costing me only £120! It was a full length, full sleeved blush pink dress with sequin detail covering the top and sleeves."

"We had a Humanist ceremony and also did a hand fasting. The views of that part of the world are spectacular."

"Walking up to our tipi, hand in hand, with Adam to get married is my clearest memory. The tipi was finally constructed, the chairs were out and everyone was ready. I grabbed Adam’s hand and we walked over to everyone. I remember our photographer shouting 'Is this it?' and I thought to myself…yes, this IS it! We were about to get married and for the first time all day I didn’t feel stressed or nervous. I felt completely calm and ready to marry my best friend."

"The photoshoot afterwards was my favourite part of the day! Our photographer really went above and beyond for us. Carole-Ann scouted out a few locations to get the best views and backdrops for us. I gave her free reign! I wanted something spectacular and she made this happen - she had us climbing hills, knee high in mud and hopping boulders in the middle of a river. It was all great fun and we laughed from beginning to end. My dress is covered in mud and missing half its sequins and Adam’s shoes are ruined but who can say they got to have a little adventure like that on their wedding day, and the photos speak for themselves."

"We had a local baker make our wedding cake. Since it was such a small wedding we were able to splash out a little more on favours - we had Emma, our baker, make us nine individual mini drippy cakes all in different pastel shades. She boxed them up beautifully and each guest had their own to take home as well as our celebrant and photographer."

"Do it your way, it’s your day. You have to give yourself the wedding you want which might be a big white wedding with two hundred guests or running off to Vegas and being married by an Elvis impersonator. It’s your one day so make it yours."


Florist: Stucio and Waow

Photographer: Harper Scott Photo

"Our photographer, Carole-Ann, went above and beyond for us. We could never thank her enough for everything she did. She stayed beyond what we planned and came up to Glencoe very early to scout out the best locations for shots. The photos she has provided us with are beyond all expectations."