mary + chris | house for an art lover

Mary and Chris were married on 23rd April at House for an Art Lover. Their wedding is a #teamBB spectacular and I am so proud to feature it and all the fab folk who made it this gorgeous! Big thanks to the fantastical Jo Donaldson for sharing her images with us - you can catch Jo on her website, Facebook or Instagram (check out her stories, you'll lose a lot of time but it's worth it!).

"We got engaged in November 2015 but didn’t start planning in earnest for a couple more months, so were planning for around fifteen months. House for an Art Lover is beautiful and I’ve always loved Charles Rennie Mackintosh. We just knew it was right the minute we walked in, and everyone on the weddings team being so helpful, flexible and generally lovely really sealed the deal for us! It was the first venue we looked at."

"My favourite part of the planning was probably the parts that involved getting done up all fancy, which is unlike me! I loved the dress fittings, the makeup trial, sorting out fancy nails, picking jewellery – just all the girly stuff that made me feel like a princess. I really enjoyed spending time with my bridesmaids and planning with them, which made for a lot of fun girly times! Gin was sometimes involved, to keep the creative juices flowing, of course."

"I found my dress easily, largely because I had a vague idea in mind and did a ton of research beforehand. I looked at a bunch of different dresses online that fit the style I wanted (thank you Pinterest) and got some great ideas. "My dress was designed and purchased from Dragonfly Dress Design, and they really made it easy. I described to Jade what I was looking for, and she rummaged in the rack for a moment and pulled out the perfect dress! So I got married in the first dress I tried on. Apparently my mother did the same when she married my dad, and so did my mother-in-law, so it seems to be a family tradition to get the perfect dress on the first try – I feel incredibly lucky!"

"Chris was really involved and generally wonderful. There were parts that he was more certain about what he wanted, parts that I was more certain about, and parts that we decided on together. It was very equal, and he was amazingly supportive whenever I was worried/unsure/stressed about anything (I hope I was too!)."

"Our Civil ceremony was lovely – performed by Anne Marie Donaghy. She was kind enough to incorporate a hand fasting into the ceremony, which I really wanted, and it was perfect."

"It’s really hard to choose a favourite part of the day! I think the ceremony was the really magical part for me, because it was so lovely, but I also really enjoyed the photos part, everyone having a laugh together and posing and showing off how pretty we were in our finery (especially the lads). And the dancing was another real highlight. But then so was the food, it was wonderful, and the cake, and arriving with my dad in the car and chatting on the way to the venue."

"I think my favourite detail was the guestbook – we set out Fuji Instax cameras and asked the guests to take photos and write messages in the book. Going through that was amazing – especially as a couple of guests had a few wines and went on a mission to use up all the film snapping reception pics, it was absolutely hilarious! We’ll treasure that book forever. I did love our favours too though, they were cookies made my one of the lovely bridesmaids."

"I don’t know about the clearest memory, but one of the funniest was when I finished my starter at the meal and realised I’d asked the bridesmaids to lace my dress too tight, and I couldn’t eat! I had to grab a bridesmaid and a super-helpful guest and run off to the little bride-and-groom room at the venue to get unlaced and laced back up again. I just remember all of us laughing as I breathed in and out – definitely grateful it was a very adjustable dress!"

"Research! Research, research, research. I had a really good idea of what I wanted for each thing because even before we started actively planning, I’d been looking up venues, all over Pinterest, talking to friends who’d planned weddings, researching vendors, the whole thing. It meant there was no traipsing around dozens of venues (although don’t get me wrong, that could really be fun!), no trying on hundreds of dresses, just knowing what I wanted, confirming it was really what we both wanted, and going for it."

"Although to be entirely frank, marrying a former wedding photographer was really helpful, so if you can find one of those..."


Venue: House for an Art Lover

Band: Randolph’s Leap

Florist: Betty Bluebell

Cakemaker: Claire Cameron Cakes

Make Up/Hair: The Bygone Bombshell Beauty Parlour

Bridal Outfit: Dragonfly Dress Design

Bridesmaids Outfits: Dragonfly Dress Design / Butterbee Vintage

Grooms Outfit: MacGregor MacDuff

Transport: XEC Executive Cars

Stationery: Provided by House for an Art Lover, but artwork for invites and signage was provided by Art by Neil Slorance

Favours: Homemade by my bridesmaid, Sarah Toom!

Photographer: Jo Donaldson Photography

Chair covers: Prepare 2 Party

"All our suppliers were fantastic, but Jo was really incredible – one of the bridesmaids said it was almost like having another master of ceremonies there, she was so kind and helpful from the getting-ready bit in the morning until the reception."

"I do have to mention that the House for an Art Lover team was wonderful as well, Robert on the day and Rachel and Hannah in the planning stages. We couldn’t have asked for lovelier people to be involved!"