lucy + malte | the culag

Lucy and Malte were married on 27th May at Luss Parish Church and on 28th May they had a celebration at The Culag. Carole-Ann from Harper Scott Photography was there to capture their party, huge thanks to her for sharing these epic bouncy castling, loch swimming, full of love photographs! You can catch Carole-Ann on her website, Facebook or Instagram.

"We got engaged on a camel safari on Christmas Eve 2014 in the desert outside Jaisalmer, India!  All in all we were engaged for about two and a half years: it sounds long but as the saying goes, the time really did fly by."

"We didn’t plan to have a long engagement but the venue we settled on was fully booked for two years in advance and we were happy to wait."

"We considered Germany but Lucy’s parents were absolutely hopping up and down for us to marry ‘locally’.  Lucy was living in Dubai at this point and Malte in London so we started googling… we hunted high and low for Scottish venues but nothing was quite right for us. We didn’t want a function suite where we’d be the ‘n-th’ wedding of the week, and we hated the idea of being kicked out at midnight (our friends and family like a boogie) and balked at some venue’s corkage charges (they also drink a fair bit…) So many venues had bizarre rules: no confetti, no decorations, no music after 11.30pm, no dogs, no fun. It was all getting a bit dispiriting until Lucy stumbled on The Culag. A private beach on the loch, a fire pit, accommodation on site and resident owners, Patrick and Anne, who were up for anything as long as we promised to enjoy ourselves!  Lucy’s parents were dispatched to check The Culag out and we booked it the following week – even though neither of us had ever seen it!"

"Malte would say he enjoyed the cake and food tasting.  As a German, he also enjoyed trying on the kilt and feeling like a Braveheart extra. Lucy (the lawyer) would say she enjoyed bossing everybody around and making lists." 

"Malte was, true to nature, horizontally chillax throughout the engagement."  Lucy dispensed with his ‘help’ about two years before the actual wedding and instead tasked him with arranging a surprise honeymoon... "which he did with aplomb."

Lucy wore a beaded Grecian style dress (‘Annushka’) from Monsoon...  "I half-heartedly browsed online and made- but chickened out of - two dress boutique appointments but in the end my dress was actually the only one I tried on!  It was exactly what I wanted: elegant, classic and simple.  As a bonus, it did not require complex brassiere witchcraft. WIN."

"I accessorised with Jenny Packham No. 1 t-bar sandals, a crystal hair vine and (at night) a cropped feather cape which was abandoned sometime around midnight near the fire pit.  My aunt found it there the next morning and thought it was a dead seagull."

Malte wore a light blue suit from River Island that he already owned...  "We were insanely lucky because it suited the Scottish Riviera perfectly on this uncharacteristically sunny day."

"Unquestionably our favourite moments were a) the bouncy castle and b) when everybody whipped off their clothes and jumped in the loch for a wee swim with the doggies."

"On a more serious note, we’ll always remember sitting around the fire pit late into the night with family we haven’t seen in years and with Scottish family that Malte actually met for the first time ever. The warm glow (literal and metaphorical) of knowing that this was just the start of lives together."

"We loved the Aperol Spritz cocktails in jam jars. It reminds us of a glorious holiday in Venice where we did little more than graze on delicious food and sip cool drinks – which was essentially the agenda for our wedding day."

"Although it was a pain to carry around, we also enjoyed having a giant Jenga guestbook where the guests wrote us messages on the individual bricks. It’ll be fun to play this a bit further down the line and re-read all the sweet (and some drunken) messages again."

Malte... "When Lucy’s 84-year-old granny got into the bouncy castle with her and they both rolled around laughing so hard that granny rolled out and plonked on to the grass (thankfully unscathed!) is a memory I’ll cherish!"

Lucy... "I loved taking time out from the crowd to rest my head on my new husband’s shoulder for a while and look out at the water.  Big happy sighs."

"Our advice would be: probably don’t try to plan every nuanced detail of the entire wedding together, it’s not realistic.  If you just can’t get excited about the colour scheme then leave your partner to it and let them run wild while you mastermind the playlist.  Sit down together and pick your interests, allocate the jobs between you, and check in with each other once in a while."  

"Enjoy your engagement! There doesn’t have to be any rush.  The whole point of marriage is that it’s a lifetime commitment and you’re only going to do this once.  So take your time and get things the way you want them. Wait for the right venue, save up, savour the anticipation, enjoy the attention, do your Pinterest thing."


Venue: The Culag 

Band: Malte’s Macbook playlist (featuring Toto ‘Africa’ on repeat)

Catering: Regis Banqueting

Stationery: Designed by Malte 


"There are two standout superstars who need a mention: Carole-Ann from Harper-Scott Photography, who has given us the most delicious set of photographs we could ever have hoped for. Although she deserves far more than clichés we can only say that she has truly captured the essence of us, and the spirit of the day."

"The BBQ organised by Regis Banqueting was plentiful and super tasty.  In the run-up to the wedding Regis were also incredibly responsive, flexible and pragmatic."

"We also owe buckets of gratitude and love to Patrick and Anne at The Culag. Nothing was too much trouble, everything ran like clockwork, and they were the best fun to work with."