'friends' ross and rachel get married in a rustic barn at pratis farm in fife

Rachel and Ross were married on 23rd September at Pratis Farm. They were planning their wedding for roughly a year. Huge thanks to lovely Ali from Ali Jay Photography for sharing her images of the day. You can find Ali on her website, Facebook or Instagram.

“I have actually ran weddings for many people most of which were in hotels. The last thing I wanted was to be married in a hotel as it wasn't special for me being something I saw so often. We took a long time looking at other options, even barefoot on a beach in the Maldives was an option for a while! However I love Scotland and wanted to be married in Scotland, so after months of looking for just the right place we just so happened to stumble across Pratis; at the time it wasn't as well advertised and from the moment we first saw it we knew that it was the right place. It had all the right type of rustic things we were looking for a beautiful setting and a wonderful feeling to it along with Susie, who helped us with everything!”

“Throwing caution to the wind and forgetting about all the things that people say you should and shouldn't do was my favourite part of the planning process. Making it our own and what we are all about.”

“Ross gave advice on the things that mattered however I am the one who is an expert in this field so I did most of the planning. I made a conscious effort to have simple elements of Ross throughout the day like having a song that he liked play during the singing of our certificate. Surprising him with our different yet fitting ceremony music. Dedicating the buffet playlist to him along with the fact that we are quite similar the actual day was perfect for us.”

”I am not a typical girl; I'm a bit of what my auntie calls me, a ‘Geezer Bird’ or my preference is ‘one of the lads’. My dress was picked from the first shop I went to and done within an hour! I loved my dress it was exactly what I had in my head and fitted my personality as well as my shape. The dress was from a shop called Special Days Brides and the designer of the dress was Mark Lesley.”

”Our ceremony was a Humanist ceremony by Jane Patmore. The way she put together our ceremony was amazing; her words were perfect and personal to us as a couple.”

”I imagine lots of brides say this but I can honestly say I loved every minute of our day! From the moment I woke up to the moment I fell asleep! Our photographer Ali had a bit to do with this as I remember saying to her with all due respect that the last thing we wanted was to be looking at her all day, which she took on board wonderfully. This meant we could actually chill and drink beer with our friends, eat the canapés and enjoy the moments of our day that I think most couples miss out on.”

“Our guest book was a large board for everyone to sign so we could hang it in our house along with popsicle sticks for people to write down marriage advice and date night ideas! However my favourite thing was our Mr and Mrs Potato Head which was supposed to be for a wedding cake topper as the song I walked down the aisle to was an acoustic version of Toy Story’s ‘You've got a friend in me’. I thought our wedding cake topper could be one of the most romantic couples of Pixar history! However when it arrived it turns out they were the actual toy ones so too big to fit on top of our cake! So instead we just had them sitting in front of us on our top table.”

“The feeling I had waiting outside the barn ready to see my husband to be and start the rest of our lives together is my clearest memory. And the fact that I didn't shed a tear the whole day I was just too happy.”

“Do what you want to do! Forget about what everyone else tells you to do or even what you can't or shouldn't do! It's YOUR Day and it should be special for the both of you in your own way to make a memory that will last forever.”


Venue: Pratis Farm

Band: Callanish

Florist: Ring a Roses

Cakemaker: Kelly from The Madhouse Bakery

Make Up: Helen McNeill

Hair: Nikki Laird

Bridal Outfit: Special Days Brides - Mark Lesley

Bridesmaids Outfits: Ebay 

Grooms Outfit: Kingdom Kilts

Transport: Lincoln Capri from Gordon at Kingdom Kustoms

Photographer: Ali Jay Photography

Carter: Scott's Catering 

“Ali, our photographer was AMAZING! She made us feel so relaxed I would say we became friends and I felt I could tell her exactly what I was looking for without her taking offence she really captured our whole day I don't think anyone else could have captured us the way she did! I feel very lucky to have met her!”

“Also I have to mention my caterer Scott as he is a friend, he went out of his way to make sure everything ran smoothly and also checked himself out of hospital to make sure he was there for our special day!”

“I feel so grateful for some of the people I have around me and because of them I had the best possible day that I will remember forever! “