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Imagery is a huge part of most weddings, and to me, that makes perfect sense. It’s such an incredibly joyful, once-in-a-lifetime moment, and you’ve invested so much time, energy and love into making it perfect for you both, I think that it’s only right that you should have those memories captured for you, in a way that you’ll treasure forever. 

So it will come as a huge surprise to precisely no-one that photography and videography are hugely important aspects of the wedding for Lewis and I. It was our priority to get the right people for the job, and I’m certain that we managed that, and then some!

We’ve spoken a lot about wedding photography over the years, well before we got engaged, which was really helpful as we both had a very clear idea of what we wanted from our own photographs. We both agreed that we want images that reflect us and our day as it happened - relaxed, candid images that capture intimate moments, in a way that traditional posed photography just can’t do. I just love the idea of having photos that can transport us back to a particular moment in time, that show us exactly as we were on such a special day.

In terms of importance, photography was right up there with the venue, perhaps even more so. As such, our photographer was one of the first suppliers that we booked, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with our choice. We’ve got the amazing Caro Weiss to capture our day and we’re so excited to see what magic she will create for us.

The image that won it by    Caro Weiss

The image that won it by Caro Weiss

We spent a long time researching possibilities, but Caro’s name kept cropping up, both through personal recommendations and wedding blogs too. Her portfolio blew me away, there were images there that made me feel like I was a guest at those weddings. They were so personal and so beautiful, stylish whilst also being candid and capturing the romance of the day.

But there were so many options out there, and Lewis being sensible as he is, asked me to put together a slideshow of my favourite options whilst he was on a stag weekend, so that we could go through them when he got back, and we’d choose together from my favourites, to ensure we were both totally happy with our choice and that we weren’t jumping the gun.

So I put together my top portfolios, with no details about who they were. Caro was my first choice, and I kept my fingers crossed as Lewis went through the slides - and of course, it was meant to be, as he immediately stopped on her slide and said, yes, this one, this is the person. I was delighted and so was Lewis, our plan worked out perfectly!

The next hurdle was making sure Caro was available on our date, which thankfully she was - the perks of booking 18 months in advance (get organised, kids!) We met with her and got on so well, she made us feel comfortable and like we were in very safe hands. We totally trust that she’ll do an incredible job, her photos are just pure magic and I can’t wait to see them. 

I also had my heart set on having our wedding day filmed. I just couldn’t imagine not having a video to look back on, allowing us to relive our wedding whenever we feel like it. Most people, from what I’ve read, book videographers as a last-minute thing, if the budget will stretch to it, but I really wanted to make sure we could have this for our day, I didn’t want to make it a ‘maybe’ and let it slide off the list.

By this point, after booking all of our other ‘big’ suppliers, funds were running low (or, more accurately, running out) and we had to set ourselves a firm budget to stick to, which meant we had to do a little more research to find a videographer that would give us the look we were hoping for, for our budget.

I wasn’t feeling particularly hopeful about our chances; we wanted a dreamy, cinematic feel to the video, but I was struggling to find companies that could do it for our budget, without compromising on quality. 

But thankfully, just before I was about to give up on the search entirely, I remembered the wedding video of a colleague of mine; she got married a few years back, and I remember thinking that her wedding video was just gorgeous. We hadn’t attended her wedding, but the video made us feel like we were really there and part of the day, exactly the way I wanted our video to feel. So I did some digging around on Facebook, and found the creators: Erin Rose Films.

I am so glad I did! Luckily they were free on our date, and even luckier, they could film our wedding day for our budget. We are so delighted to have them and feel so lucky that our day will be filmed in the way that we had hoped for, after all. 

Erin Rose Films are a husband and wife duo (Andrew and Ali), so they totally know how important it is for couples to feel like their video is personal to them. They have a beautiful signature style, with that lush, cinematic vibe we wanted, and every video that I’ve seen manages to capture so many tiny moments and little glances alongside the show-stopping parts too. Their films feel really elegant and understated to me, but so intimate too. My colleague said that she barely noticed Andrew on the day and was amazed at all of the footage he’d captured, as she just didn’t realise he was there! 

We’ve only corresponded by email so far, but I feel really reassured, and I can’t wait to meet up with them next year to go through the plans for the day. Sometimes, having a new venue that suppliers won’t have seen yet feels a little bit daunting, but I feel confident that Ali and Andrew will go above and beyond to make sure everything looks as beautiful as possible and that no small details are missed. I’ll keep you posted on what they come up with for us, and of course we’ll share snippets from the wedding video too, once it’s all done and dusted.

So that’s two of our biggest things sorted, the real lasting memories from our wedding ready to be packaged up. Those days next year, when we can settle down with a glass of something fizzy to watch our film and flick through our photographs, they will be memories to cherish and I am so happy with the people we’ve chosen to capture them for us!

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