starting your wedding planning journey with cat from fin flükra

Yay, you’re engaged - congratulations!

To help point you in the right direction, here are my top tips to think about when starting your wedding planning journey:


Most couples don’t have the luxury of limitless funds when it comes to planning their wedding. So it’s important you set a realistic budget of what you can and want to spend on your wedding. Which brings me on to point number two…


I always recommend couples consider what are their big ‘must have’ items. It could be that you’re massive music fans and therefore want music to play a large part in your wedding. May be you love good food and want to share this with your guests. By agreeing what’s important to you early on, you can start to break down your biggest costs and budget the rest accordingly.


Unless you’re planning to run away and elope (which is a great option to consider, but that’s for another blog…), you’re going to have guests at your wedding. The number of guests will directly impact on the venue you choose and the cost of catering too. This can be a tricky topic to navigate and should be decided upon as early as possible. There is no right or wrong answer on the number of guests you should have at your wedding. Take your time to discuss and agree this together, so you’re both happy with the final list.


What kind of wedding do you want? You may not have a clue at this stage but it is something to think about early on. Do you want to get married in a rural castle retreat, or do you fancy a city centre setting? Perhaps your ideal location is a rustic barn or village hall. The style of venue you choose will influence the suppliers you select, as well as have an influence on the size of your guest list too.


Not everyone is going to like or approve of the choices you make. Fact. If you accept this early on it will make your lives a lot easier, I promise! Your wedding day is a celebration of your love for one another and not everyone may ‘get’ the things you choose to reflect this… and that’s okay.

I hope this has been helpful and one final thing - consider if you need help with your planning (shameless plug alert!). A wedding planner can support you as much or as little as you need. Those things which are causing you to stress out? For planners that’s just a regular day in the office :)

Images of Candice + Alan’s wedding which Cat helped to co-ordinate by Lauren McGlynn Photography

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