abbie + martin | errol park

Abbie and Martin were married on 8th April at Errol Park. They were planning their wedding for around 18 months. Huge thanks to Sequoia and Sam from Mirrorbox Photography for sharing their images of the day. You can catch these talented folks on their website, Facebook or Instagram.

"We really liked the fact that Errol Park was a grand country house, but it had a very relaxed atmosphere. The wedding party could stay there for the weekend and we were really encouraged to make ourselves feel at home. We also liked the fact that there were so many different spaces to use – the house, the garden and the stables, and the latter was a blank canvas which we could decorate however we wanted. The fact that it was BYOB was another major draw!"

"We both really enjoyed the food, wine and cake tasting! I also enjoyed looking on Pinterest for ideas as to how to decorate the venue and then sourcing materials. Errol also has a room full of decorations left by previous couples which was great fun to look through!"

"Martin took a keen interest in the food and drink. I consulted him on everything else but he didn’t really had a strong view and was generally happy to go with my suggestions."

"My dress ended up being one of the first ones I tried on. I wanted something a bit different and so a friend recommended Unbridaled in Ayr to me. Emily at Unbridaled was great, she really put me at ease. When I tried on the Anna gown by Allen Rich, I felt glamorous but very comfortable. I went to some other shops after that, but I didn’t like any of the dresses as much as the Anna gown."

"The whole day was great. We got married in early April but completely lucked out with the weather – it was almost 20 degrees!"

"One of my favourite parts of the day was actually the ceremony. We had it outside and it was very relaxed, with a number of funny stories being shared by our celebrant, Moira. My mum and a close friend of Martin did a reading, and Martin and I and our dads shared a whisky from a quaich as part of the ceremony."

"I also really enjoyed the dancing at the end of the night. By that stage we could completely relax as everything had gone well, and our band, the Invitations, did a great job of getting everyone on the dancefloor."

"We had a whisky room just off the dancefloor with a selection of Martin’s favourite whiskies. It was a nice a nice place to escape to if you just wanted a bit of peace, although I’m sure it contributed to our sore heads the next day!"

"Getting ready in the morning is my clearest memory. It was a glorious day and the room I was in had a great view of the Tay. Two friends were doing our hair and make-up and it was all just very relaxed and exciting."

"Martin had originally wanted a very small, low key wedding, but I remember speaking  to him shortly after the ceremony and he said that he was having a great time and wouldn’t have changed it. That was a huge relief and also sticks in my mind!"

"Get your family and friends involved (if they’re willing!). My aunt and cousin designed our wedding invitations and stationery and my dad helped with the table names and printing. My stepdad chopped up logs to use as place name holders and my mum made a huge batch of tablet."

"Focus on getting the key things right – good venue, good band, good food and for us, a plentiful supply of alcohol! Also, it’s worth getting a good photographer, as you will be looking at the photos from the day for years to come. We really liked Mirrorbox as they were very unobtrusive and got some great shots."


Venue: Errol Park

Band: The Invitations 

Florist: Rose and Ammi

Catering: Regis Banqueting

Cakemaker: Liggys

Make Up/Hair: Friends – Sarah Watters and Nicola Johnston 

Bridal Outfit: Unbridaled

Bridesmaids Outfits: David’s Bridal

Grooms Outfit: The Scotland Kilt Company

Stationery: Courtney Goldstein and River Design

Photographer: Mirrorbox

"We were really impressed with all of our suppliers and can’t fault any of them! The Invitations (our band)  took a video of the dancing which was a lovely (and very funny) surprise. Our caterers, Regis, and our stationery designers, River Design, were also very accommodating of our frequent requests to make changes or additions."