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Hello, and welcome to my wedding planning journey!

I’m Laura – a beauty PR and blogger living in Edinburgh, and just over three months ago, I got engaged to Lewis on our eighth anniversary in Paris. Safe to say, it was pretty dreamy, and I’ve been over the moon ever since.

We’ve spoken lots over the years about getting married and what kind of wedding we’d have, but in a far-off, dreamy kind of way, so it’s funny now to be making these decisions for real. I think we both knew that this was a done deal; we’d be together forever anyway and at some point we’d get married, so we were both pretty relaxed about when that would be. But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t super excited about it eventually happening – and now we’re actually doing it and planning our wedding, my general excitement levels are off the charts. 

So now, we’re twelve weeks or so into our engagement - we’ve found ourselves thrown headlong into the world of wedding planning, and finding it a whirlwind of emotions, decisions and managing expectations vs. reality, as we try to create a cool, contemporary and beautiful wedding that truly feels like ‘us’. I can’t wait to share with all my fellow brides-to-be our journey to becoming Mr and Mrs!

But first – back to the beginning, and how it all started for Lewis and I. It was autumn 2009, and I was embarking on my third year of a music course. Within a few weeks of the course starting, a beautiful black-haired bass player had caught my attention, and immediately I fell head over heels. By New Year’s Eve, we’d made things official and have been inseparable ever since, travelling through life together in different cities (Aberdeen, Glasgow, London and now Edinburgh), always side by side.

And then came the 28th December 2017, our eighth anniversary. On Christmas Day, Lewis told me he had booked a trip to Paris to celebrate our anniversary, and it was all such a whirlwind that we didn’t tell anybody we’d gone – it was our little secret. On our anniversary, we were having the most gorgeous time, taking photographs in the Champ de Mars, when we took a seat in front of the Eiffel Tower. And there, sat side by side, huddled up on the bench together, Lewis put the most gorgeous ring into my hand and asked me to marry him. It was the most surreal, magical, wonderful moment of my life and despite it all feeling quite twinkly and blurry, I remember that feeling of absolute elation so clearly. I couldn’t be happier to be marrying the most brilliant person I’ve ever met, my closest, truest friend.

And now, it’s just over three months later and we’re well underway with our wedding plans, which I am so excited to share with you all. There’s already been lots of serious discussions and big decisions made, as we navigate our way through the world of wedding planning together. 

For us, our focus is on ensuring that we create a wedding that is truly personal to us and filled with things we really love; neither of us are able to give up control of the details enough to go with an easy packaged option, so I’ll be sharing with you all our experiences of creating a bespoke wedding from scratch. Neither of us felt like entering married life saddled with debt is the right way forward for us, so we’re hoping to do as much as we can ourselves and pull in favours from friends and contacts wherever we possibly can. It’s all about who you know, after all.

I am so excited to share my experiences here on Braw Brides – and please feel free to share any advice you have for me too, we’re all in this together!

Until next time...

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