our blogging bride | six months of planning

Hello July! Somehow it’s been just over six months since we got engaged, and honestly, I don’t know where that time has gone. I know everybody says that time races by when you’re planning a wedding, but seriously - I just hope that the next fourteen months go by as quickly!

When we first set the wedding date for next September, we had a wobble that it was too far away, and we’ve definitely had more than a few since - made worse by the fact that we seriously considered next June for our big day. That’s given us a few grumbles in the last few weeks too, particularly when we realised that we’d be on our less-than-a-year countdown by now. But September will be wonderful, and I can’t wait for that twelve-month landmark to finally roll around!

So, now that we are six months into our planning, I thought I’d give you a brief rundown of what we’ve managed to sort out so far and what we still need to think about. One really great thing about a twenty-one-month engagement is that we have plenty of time to think about everything and no real need for snap decisions. At this point, we’ve been able to make a lot of the ‘big’ decisions and left ourselves lots of time to think about all those smaller, finer details further down the line. 

As you’ll already know, we have the date and the venue all sorted, and while six months ago, I’d never have dreamed that I would be getting married in a venue that I hadn’t seen in its completed state, I am so pleased that we’ve chosen such an interesting, unusual and beautiful place like The Engine Works. We’ll be celebrating that elusive one-year countdown by visiting the venue again and checking in on its progress, which we’re so looking forward to - I feel like it’s only then, once we’ve seen the space properly and seen those finishing touches, that we can really start thinking about colour schemes, flowers and decor. I am seriously so excited, after seeing the moodboards I get all the heart-eyes just thinking about what it will look like...

We’ve also secured our photographer and videographer, which I’m hugely excited about, as we managed to get our first choices in both - the perks of being hyper-organised! I’m planning to write a proper post about both of them a little further down the line, but it’s safe to say that I am already anticipating what our pictures and video will look like and can’t wait to receive them next autumn.

At the start of June, we realised that we really should start looking into the ceremony itself, otherwise we were just planning a big party. So we hopped to it and started researching Humanist celebrants, and found one that we loved almost immediately, Claire the Humanist - and fate had it that she happened to be visiting Edinburgh the following weekend, so we were able to meet up with her before we made the decision. Thankfully it was a very easy decision to make! It was so important to us to find someone that felt relaxed and fun, but would still make our ceremony feel very special, and we feel totally confident that Claire is exactly that person for us.

Images of Claire doing her thing by the talented Jo Donaldson Photography

To be detailed in more posts-yet-to-come, we have also booked a band for the reception, who basically tick every box of the if-we-ever-get-married-this-is-what-we’d-like discussions we’ve had over the years. Every time I hear a song that I know they’re going to play, I get wrapped up in imagining what it’s going to sound like and seeing everybody having a dance! And we now have a fantastic caterer too, which we’re delighted about - we’ve met with them twice and they are just the dream, we are so excited to have more discussions with them about ideas and menus and everything else - that tasting day is going to be unbelievable when it finally rolls around…

We have bridesmaids, best men and groomsmen - eight in total, which makes around a quarter of the wedding guests part of the wedding party, whoops. But we couldn’t have had it any other way. We haven’t really thought about outfits for them or any of the finer details, I think that’s something that will come after we’ve viewed the venue again and decided on colours, and also once Lewis makes a decision on what he’s going to be wearing (he’s proving fussier than I am!). 

And finally, we have The Dress, a fact I can barely believe myself. Again, I’m planning to share with you my experience of shopping for a wedding dress, but it was far easier than I ever imagined, and that’s mostly down to the truly lovely and incredibly helpful Rachel at Olive Jones in Edinburgh. I hadn’t even planned on properly looking for my dress yet, let alone having a deposit down, but it was meant to be - and it’s a huge thing to have ticked off the list already. So many people have told me that the dress sets the tone for many other aspects of the day, so I feel good that we have a starting point to work from - even if I’m the only one that knows what that looks like.

So, I think you’ll agree that we’ve done pretty well so far in terms of getting things done, but there’s still so much to think about. Flowers, colours, clothes, vows, menus, music, the whole schedule of the day, seating plans (ugh), stationery, decor… at this point it still feels like an endless list but I’m sure we’ll crack on through. We’re planning to take it a little easy over the summer, now that there’s nothing that really needs doing until we go back to The Engine Works in September. The only two goals we’ve set ourselves for the summer are to make a decision on our stationery design so that we can get save-the-dates out, and to book our honeymoon - fairly manageable, I hope!