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For the first time in 2018, this month hasn’t been shrouded in discussions about the wedding, meetings with vendors, Pinterest planning and excessive to-do listing. In the grand spirit of summer holidays, we’ve had a month off of wedding planning and it’s been quite refreshing. The first six months of our engagement were pretty planning-heavy, as we strove to tick off the biggest actions on the list and secure our first-choice vendors wherever we could. And June in itself was incredibly busy; in that month alone we signed our venue contract, researched, met with and chose our celebrant, tried on some wedding rings, secured our caterers and had to start thinking about menus, looked into stationery options, I bought my dress and my shoes, and we had our engagement party - it tires me out just thinking about it.

So when July rolled around, everything naturally fell into place for us to just have a breather. There’s nothing else we can realistically plan at this point, so things have just organically come together to force us (me) into having some time away from the planning folder and to part company temporarily with my spreadsheets. 

It’s actually been so refreshing, for both of us I think. We haven’t completely lost our minds to wedding planning (yet) but naturally most of our conversations leant towards planning chat or ideas or ‘what if’s’. But this month, our weekends have been filled with fun plans and time with family, which has given us other things to think about and fill our heads with. Don’t get me wrong, the wedding still comes up pretty frequently, but with no imminent decisions on the horizon, it’s more idle chatter than solid decision-making.

Realistically, the next things that need decisions are mostly things to do with our venue - colours, decor, timescales, blah blah blah. But we’re not going to meet with our venue coordinator until the end of September, so we can’t really make any of those decisions until after that. Yes, we could be thinking about menus and flowers and colour schemes, but with so much time on our hands, it feels like a better idea to put that off for a while and have a well-earned break.

I’d be lying if I said we’d put everything on the backburner this month though. We set ourselves a summer project - stationery, namely save the dates.

Lewis is working on the design, and I’m honing my calligraphy skills to finish them off, so it’ll be a true team effort from us on this aspect. Stationery was initially something I was super invested in and wanted to go all-out - but then I looked at our budget, and how much beautiful stationery and calligraphy costs, and we decided that our money could be better spent elsewhere. Lewis dabbles in graphic design and I have always wanted to learn calligraphy anyway, so we decided to make things more personal (and much more budget-friendly) and work on this part of the wedding ourselves.

So we’re spending our Sundays working on those, in the hope of sending them later in August/early September, which we’re both pretty confident is achievable. Sorting out the save the dates has also meant that we’ve had to take another look at our guest list, but there’s no huge changes there so that’s a relief!

I’m hoping August and September will both be as chilled as this past month has been; I’m actually enjoying feeling back to ‘normal’ without flurries of emails and looming decisions to make. I couldn’t have visualised that back in February, when I was a one-woman wedding-planning machine and couldn’t imagine ever talking about anything else ever again. I think a little bit of time off has given me some perspective back on what we actually intended our wedding to be and given me a push to make sure that I don’t get too drawn into what we ‘should’ be doing or including or having on the day. It’s something I’m definitely going to keep in mind for when things kick off properly again in October!

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