robyn + jordan | ravensheugh log cabin

Robyn and Jordan were married on 9th September at Ravensheugh Log Cabin and were planning their wedding for thirteen months. Many thanks to our talented friend Carole Ann from Harper Scott Photo for sharing her images with us. You can catch Carole Ann on her website, Facebook or Instagram.

"We went for our first date in Dunbar almost twelve years ago! We were fifteen at the time so we were joined by my parents, but we’ve been obsessed with the area ever since. Over the years we spent so much time going for dreamy walks along the beach in East Lothian (without my parents!) that I couldn't believe we'd never come across Ravensheugh. When we started researching venues it was the obvious choice - it looked surreal but we had no idea how perfect it was until we emerged from the trees and set our eyes on that view! We spent the next while grinning at each other in disbelief."

"After viewing a fair few venues we realised that what we wanted more than anything was a wedding with no rules - so nervously embarked on the adventure of planning a DIY wedding. The only aspects provided at the venue were running water and toilets - oh and plentiful of land for guests to camp! Having said that, the part about the planning I’ll cherish most is the camaraderie of my exceptional friends and family. I remember looking around on the day and being flooded with memories from scrambling trees to hang decorations to re-arranging tables and chairs in a million different ways only to realise I'd miscounted and we had to start all over again! It wasn't easy by any means, but it also wouldn't have been nearly as crazy fun and joyous any other way!" 

"I’m absolutely terrible at making decisions so I'd spend hours and hours looking online and then ask Jordan to make the decisions! I am however an excellent delegator so he was involved in everything I was doing. Together we spent a weekend designing and printing our invites and also designed our wedding website which included a section where people could contribute to our honeymoon and return their RSVP."

"Dress shopping turned out to be the most stressful part of planning! After spending endless hours trawling the web, I’d become completely obsessed with a dress from BHLDN - which isn’t available in the UK."

"The most disastrous and laughable shopping experience left me so determined not to give up on my dream dress and so I made a blind purchase and ordered it online… when it arrived and I slipped it on, I breathed a huge sigh of relief and instantly felt like myself! I loved the stunning lace, floaty sleeves and draped cowl back. With the help of my wonderful dressmaker I decided to make a few mods to the dress and opted to shape the sleeves a little more and use the excess length to form a small train for that extra touch of classiness."

"Neither of us are religious and so we knew we wanted a humanist ceremony from the start. The prospect of writing vows and deciding on the entire structure of the ceremony was daunting at first and without realising how long it would take to perfect we ended up finishing the ceremony and readings only a couple of days before. Thankfully our celebrant Lenny had a relaxed outlook on things which is definitely why his bio caught our attention online."

"We asked my sister to read our story - it took us two evenings to write this up but it had almost all of our guests in tears - especially since a lot had been there to witness the journey first-hand. It’s such a special memory for us and I’m still in awe at how see managed to fight through waves of tears to tell it perfectly."

"I really struggled to choose a favourite part of the day... every single moment of the day (aside from the scheduled group shots!) make me feel mushy and blessed. The dancing was particularly immense - there was so much nonsense, laughter and epic moves. My great aunt had everyone spinning faster than they’d ever been spun before - she’s such an inspiration!"

"As we were heading to the ceremony from the girly beach hut in Dunbar I started feeling incredibly nervous! My sister had dolled up her car and was driving me along the super bumpy dirt track to the cabin and she happened to have my favourite Elbow album in the CD player. Her solution to creating a distraction was to crank the volume up to 11 and play none other than 'Grounds For Divorce'! One of my all time favourites and a belter of a tune but obviously not the most ideal song to arrive at your wedding to! Safe to say we turned it off before arriving but we had the best singalong ever before that happened!"

"One last thing, was Hamish's commendable effort as ring bearer - the little guy had had such an exciting morning he decided he'd quite like to go for a snooze in the sun instead!"

"My super talented dad hand-crafted our stunning ring box and also a skean dubh for Jordan and his dad. The ceremonial archway was absolutely breathtaking and lovingly designed and sourced by Jordan's mum and dad. The wooden favour tags were painstaking handmade by my sister over many many weeks and we baked a huge batch of tablet to go inside them which our English guests couldn't get enough of. I loved how rustic they turned out in the end."

"Lastly I'd say the adorable macaron Alpacas our cake baker perfected made me grin from ear to ear when I first seen them. We're both a little obsessed with Alpacas and one day aspire to own a little Alpaca tribe!"

"Our silliest mistake was underestimating how long it would take to transform a blank canvas and set everything up on the day before and morning of. We promptly arrived on site at 11am and had to be sent to bed when it started nearing the early hours -  despite there still being a shed load left to do! Safe to say I woke up several times during the night making mental notes of things to be done in the morning! Also in my opinion the easiest way to have the wedding of your dreams is to listen to that little voice inside and if that isn't possible then get super creative and find out what is!"


Venue: Ravensheugh Log Cabin

Caterer: The Rollin' Pig

Bridal Outfit: BHLDN

Band: Matt Gloss and the Emulsions

Florist: Fresh 'n' Fragrant

Stationery: DIY - designed and printed at home!

Photographer: Carole-Ann Scott of Harper Scott Photo

"Anyone who has met Carole-Ann Scott will know this firsthand, but she is an exceptional human and had all of our guests head over heels - we both loved working with her. Praise is also due to The Rollin' Pig - our amazing caterer. Our wedding was a little different from their usual events but Richard put in so much effort to fit with our rustic theme but more importantly the food was to die for."