a beautifully snowy humanist wedding at mar lodge

Steph and Colin were married at Mar Lodge in Braemar on 25th November. They were planning their wedding for eleven months. Huge thanks to the lovely Casey and Sean from Apricot Tree for sharing their images and video of the day with us. You can catch them on their website, Facebook or Instagram.

“I’ve always known I would get married at Mar, it became a bit of a family joke to be honest. I work as a make up artist and work at wedding venues every weekend and it’s the one venue I’ve only done two weddings at and didn’t feel like I was always there. But to be honest Mar’s location and scenery is absolutely breathtaking so even if i worked there every weekend I would have still chosen it!”

There isn’t much fun and easy parts to planning a wedding, however my husband and I knew we wanted our day to reflect us. Our theme wasn’t ‘because we have to’ it was ‘because we want to’ and that was my favourite part. We’re massive foodies and gin lovers so that was a key part to our day and the fact we got to plan a day around both our favourite things was probably my favourite.”

“Colin was as involved as a typical man is I think ha! He, like me, wanted a day that reflected us both. He’s very musical so that was a big part of his decision making. He had some hilariously grand ideas along the way that were quickly disregarded.”

“Unfortunately just after we got engaged I fell seriously will with pneumonia. So I was five days out of hospital when I went dress shopping, however since by that point we had the date booked for ten months later I couldn’t put off dress shopping! I would have loved to have gone to loads of different stores but I just didn’t have the time or energy to do so. So I went to Perfect Bridal Rooms in Aberdeen which has the largest selection and tried on loads! I always knew I wanted sleeves so that made my choices easier and I’m not a bling or fuss kind of person so again that narrowed down my choices. And the last dress I tried on was an Ellis bridal, lace sleeved, fitted fish tail gown and it was everything i wanted. It was classic and simple and made me feel like a bride.”

“This might sound slightly selfish but my favourite part of the day was the morning I spent with my bridesmaids. Your wedding day is such a blur so I don’t remember everything and you don’t get a moment to stop. But the morning was spent with all my favourite people, champagne, breakfast and my dog Henry! (Who unfortunately was far too high maintenance to attend the day).”

“Aw there’s so many details I loved! As I said we really wanted our whole day to include all our favourite things but each of our tables had a gin theme and on each table I made a gin tasting experience with each individual table’s gin. There was a mini gin, tonic, the particular garnish that complimented the gin and the history of the gin. Each table had an allocated ‘bar man/lady’ and it was up to the bar man/lady to lead the table in its gin tasting!! (Again selfishly another favourite were my bridesmaids dresses. They weren’t bridesmaids dresses and were so glamorous!! All our guests said each bridesmaid came down the aisle more stunning than the next!! Ha.)”

“The snow. It snowed all morning and was minus 10. It’s the bit of our day that everyone speaks about to this day. And at the time it gave me a wee bit of anxiety but actually I wouldn’t have had it any other way. We had guests from far and wide and a few from Australia that had never even seen snow before so that was special.”

"Just do you. Weddings have fallen into a pattern and people expect so much from weddings but that’s not what they’re there for. We didn’t do favours and I didn’t hear anyone complaining... especially when it meant that money could go to the unlimited cocktails we had for our reception drinks! People always have an opinion and sometimes it can lead to arguments but stick to your guns and do your day your way (And get lots of champagne in for the frustrating days of planning).”


Venue: Mar Lodge 

Band: Bahookie 

Florist: Sakura Florist

Cakemaker: A friend 

Make Up/Hair: I did my own make up but Natalie Fearnley did my bridesmaids and Michelle Reid did all our hair 

Bridal Outfit: Ellis Bridal from Perfect Bridal Rooms

Bridesmaids Outfits: ASOS 

Grooms Outfit: His own kilt but McCalls tailored tweet jacket 

Stationery: Ian Montgomery from Red Rebel Creative (bridesmaids husband) 

Favours: We didn’t really have but we sourced loads of different vintage linen napkins from charity shops so we offered them to guests to take home if they wanted

Photography and Videography: Apricot Tree 

“Our suppliers all of the above went above and beyond for us. Not one person let us down and our day ran like clockwork thanks to them.”