our blogging bride is getting married this year

You guys - I’m getting married this year!

This time last year, when we were only a week or so into our engagement, somehow feels like both yesterday and a lifetime ago, all at the same time. I can’t believe I’ve been wearing my beautiful sparkly engagement ring for a whole year already! I also can’t believe how much has been planned and how far along in the process we are now; last January, we were sat in our living room with a pile of wedding magazines, an empty new Paperchase planner and absolutely no idea of how to make all of our thoughts and ideas turn into a real, actual thing. I’m pretty proud of us - now most things are booked, and that Paperchase planner is anything but empty (and there’s a library of Google spreadsheets to supplement it too).

Also this time last year, we had no idea of if we actually wanted to go through with a big wedding or if we wanted to elope and have a party later - and as tempting as the second option has been at times, I couldn’t be more excited for our ‘big day’ in September. We’ve planned a huge amount so far and really put so much of ourselves into it all, I can’t wait for it all to unfold and really be there - and of course, I can’t wait to call my soulmate my husband too.

So, with less than nine months to go now and most of the ‘big things’ booked and decided on, we’ve started thinking about the finer details that really bring the day together, making decisions on which of the thousands of ideas from our Pinterest board will make the cut for the day itself. (By the way, how amazing is it to be able to sub-categorise your Pinterest boards now? Just me?). We’ve had lots of ideas over the past year, and of course Pinterest and wedding blogs are absolute goldmines of gorgeous suggestions, so it’s just about being selective now, and working out which elements feel most appropriate to us and our day. It’s really important to us that our wedding feels like it’s really ours - a true reflection of us, what we love, and who we are, so we’re trying to find ways to do things that feel unique to us.

The priority at the moment has been to make the most of the Christmas sales, across the board. So far, we’ve managed to get the bridesmaids’ dresses and a fair few decorations in the sales, which has of course been very helpful to the budget (although I did still overspend on the bridesmaids’ dresses, but with so long to go, it should be fine). The best bit about shopping in the sales is getting those items that we’ve had bookmarked for ages anyway, and snapping them up at a discount - the bridesmaids’ dresses are a solid example of that, as I’ve had them saved for months but couldn’t justify going so overboard, until sale season hit. We figured that with an autumn wedding, now was kind of our last chance to get anything seasonal in the sales, so we got prepared and made the most of it - I highly recommend doing the same. A corner of our living room looks like a mini wedding warehouse, but it’s totally worth it.

When it came to buying the decorations, we were keen to stick to the ethos that our day has to look and feel like us, so with the exception of anything especially ‘wedding-y’, the criteria for the decorations has been that we could use them in our own home after the wedding - everything should look like something we would buy and use regardless of the wedding. It’s working well; the wedding will look lovely and our home will be full of nice new bits afterwards too!

I’ve also been scouring wedding magazine forums and pre-loved websites for decorations, signs and little extras, which can then be sold on again when we’re done with them. Eco-friendly and purse-friendly, what more can you want? It’s worked well so far and we’ve managed to get hold of a few bits that would have cost at least double buying them new - it’s definitely something I’m going to continue with over the next few months, as I’m a firm believer that a wedding doesn’t have to cost the earth to look beautiful - and of course, any pre-loved wedding decor has only been used once before anyway, so everything’s likely to still look brand-new.

Aside from the decorations, we’re also kicking off the year with a cake tasting, which I am so looking forward to. We’ve chosen our flavours and set a date for meeting and chatting through our ideas in early February, and hopefully we can tick that off the list soon afterwards. We really loved having our menu tasting back in November, so we’re excited about the opportunity to do the same thing again, but with great big slabs of cake!

And in huge update news, Lewis is a LOT closer to choosing his outfit, after months of deliberation. This feels massive, as of course his outfit is just as important as mine, but he’s taken a lot longer to decide on what he wants to wear than I did; I was lucky in that it was love at first sight with my wedding dress, and buying my dress has probably been the easiest decision I’ve made since saying ‘yes’! Lewis has always been very interested in clothes, tailoring and how outfits look, and he really takes pride in his appearance, so I knew he wouldn’t rush into buying the first thing he saw, but it feels very exciting that he’s now quite sure of what he wants and how he wants to look on the day. We have an appointment booked to try on some outfits, again in early February, and hopefully he can make a final decision soon after - I can’t wait to see what he’s going to choose! He and his groomsmen will look so handsome.

Image by  Walnut Wasp  of  Hunter Kingsley ’s delicious menswear at our recent Wedding Workshop

Image by Walnut Wasp of Hunter Kingsley’s delicious menswear at our recent Wedding Workshop

We’re keeping on top of the wedmin, and steadily working our way through the DIY aspects of the wedding - stationery and the ‘wedding website’ being the current projects du jour. We’ve both really loved working on these elements though; we’re both pretty fussy and this way, we can have everything exactly the way we want it, completely personalised and totally unique to us. We’ve still got a few months before stationery needs to be finalised but in the meantime, we’re just enjoying the process of creating our own - again, if you or your partner are creative/artistic or just really fussy, I really recommend taking the time to design your own stationery suite if you can, it’s just a really lovely process.

Phew! I think that’s everything for where we’re at so far. It sounds like a lot, and to be honest, some days it feels like a lot to think about - but overall, the whole past year of planning has been such a joy to both of us and such a special experience, I have loved almost every minute. I’m sure there will still be stresses or tricky moments to come, but we’re determined to spend the next nine months making the most of it all - you only get to plan a wedding once, after all, and we want to look back on this time fondly, knowing that at the end of it, we created a celebration that really reflects who we are, and our life together. It’s still a fairly long road ahead but it definitely feels like it’s getting closer, and I’m determined to enjoy every second of what’s yet to come.

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