a stylish intimate wedding in glasgow city centre

Jess and Iain were married on 10th August at 23 Montrose Street, with dinner afterwards at Number 16. They were planning their wedding for around six months. Huge thanks to Martin Venherm for sharing his images of their gorgeous day in the city. You can contact Martin on his website, Facebook or Instagram.

“Honestly, we picked 23 Montrose Street because it was the most straightforward option! We got married with just our two good friends as witnesses, so we weren’t bothered about booking a castle or anything. The fact that the room that we got married in was gorgeous was just a bonus!”

“We chose to have dinner at Number 16 because I had been before and knew the food was amazing. We also wanted somewhere quite small because we didn’t want to attract a load of attention by rocking up at a restaurant in our wedding outfits.”

“Picking the rings was our favourite part of the planning. It might sound strange to say this, but we weren’t too bothered about spending a lot on the things that wouldn’t last (like the dress and the flowers), and instead we focused on getting the things that you keep forever right (for us, the rings and the photographs). We both helped each other choose the rings, and Iain had his designed and made for him by Scott at Vanilla Ink. It was really important to Iain that his ring was made in Glasgow by an independent jeweller. For me, I wanted a timeless diamond eternity ring that I could pass down to our children. We ended up with rings that we love and that complement each other really well.”

”Everything was planned fifty fifty. We’re very equal in our relationship and the wedding was no different.”

“My outfit was from John Lewis – it was a Phase Eight wedding dress with my shoes from Dune and I decided on it in one shopping trip, so it was very easy. I had a vague idea of what I wanted, but I just thought I’d try a few dresses on and see what looked best. I was a bit more picky with my handbag and got a clutch from Dior (I’m addicted to handbags). Iain knew what his outfit was going to be from the start, so that was even easier – he wore a Black Watch kilt with a Prince Charles jacket.”

“My favourite part of the day was saying our vows to each other. Making the promises to each other made me think about how lucky I am to have Iain and how good our relationship is.”

“Iain’s favourite part of the day was getting ready in the morning. I had left early to get my hair cut by Peter at Curleys Urbane Barber and stopped by Short Long Black to get a couple of coffees on my way back. The day started just like any other day, we weren’t at separate locations waiting for a big reveal, we were together helping each other.”

“We had our dog, Buddy, join us for some photos before dinner and that meant a lot to us that he was involved. It felt wrong not to have him there for a little bit of it because he’s part of the family, so we got him a bow tie (also blackwatch tartan to match the kilt) and our dog walker drove him out to meet us. He barked for the entire time that we were taking photos, but we didn’t expect anything less from him!”

“My clearest memory is of waiting in the room we were going to get married in before the celebrant arrived. We were waiting along with Martin, our photographer, and our two friends who were our witnesses. I think I expected to be really nervous just before the ceremony, but I just remember laughing loads and being really relaxed. I didn’t even realise that Martin was taking photos at the time, but I’m so glad that he was because some of my favourite photos are from that part of the day. There’s one where I’m laughing at something that Iain has said and it makes me smile every time I see it.”

“Make the focus of the wedding a celebration of your relationship and the start of your marriage. I feel like there’s too much pressure on couples to get the day just right when actually, it’s everything else that follows that’s the important bit.”


Venue: 23 Montrose Street and Number 16

Florist: Little Botanica

Wedding Rings: Vanilla Ink

Make Up/Hair: I did my own make up and Danielle Siegerson (Shabby Locks) did my hair

Iain’s hair: Peter at Curleys Urbane Barber

Bridal Outfit: Phase Eight // Dune // Dior

Grooms Outfit: McMalls of Glasgow

Transport: Uber

Photographer: Martin Venherm

“Martin (our photographer) was awesome and he is ridiculously talented. He was so much fun to work with and understood what we wanted from our wedding from the beginning. We did a pre-wedding shoot with him that I highly recommend other couples do as well. We got some fantastic photos and he really calmed our nerves about having our photos taken. I would recommend him in a heartbeat.”

“Danielle from Shabby Locks is also by far the best hairdresser I have ever met. I’ve been going to her for years and she’s consistently amazing at what she does. She actually saved me on the day – the hair piece that I’d ordered was nothing like what I’d asked for and it really clashed with my dress. She ended up doing my hair with a pearl necklace weaved into my up do and it was perfect.”