our blogging bride has only six months to go

How did that happen? Suddenly it’s spring and the wedding is less than six months away! Our big day is looming ever larger on the horizon, and it feels like at some point soon, all of the admin tasks will be done, and the ‘fun stuff’ can really begin - like dress fittings, makeup trials and of course, the hen!

Planning our wedding, for the most part, has been lots of fun - there’s been a lot of decision-making, researching, budgeting and more spreadsheets than I ever imagined, and a fair bit of stress too - but overall, the planning of a day that celebrates the ten years that we’ve spent together couldn’t be described as anything other than joyous. We’ve loved deciding on the details of our day, we’ve loved finding suppliers that are making our ideas come to life, and we’ve both loved the excuse to buy our dream outfits too (who wouldn’t?).

There’s been many precious memories that have come with planning so far, and a few standout ones to treasure forever. Asking my friends and sister-in-law to be bridesmaids was a really special one (making three girls cry in a week is no mean feat), and finding my dress was obviously amazing! I never knew buying a wedding dress could be so simple (once I’d gotten over the double-the-budget hurdle, of course). Our engagement party made the whole thing really come alive for us, and being guests at other weddings and knowing we were next was so special. The meal tasting, set up like a date night at dinner at Bespoke HQ, was glorious, and the cake tasting wasn’t so strenuous either! 

The day that we picked up our wedding rings was one of my personal favourites; we collected them from a local jewellers in Edinburgh, went for celebratory cocktails and then tried them on again as soon as we got home, just to see what it was like (spoiler alert: we love them and we’re both so excited about wearing them full-time!).  Of course, the loveliest part about all of this is knowing that the best is yet to come.

Blogging Bride Wedding Planner

So, what’s happening, now that the countdown is well and truly on?

We’re trying to stay as organised as possible; there’s a series of monthly wall charts, taped to the living room door (so there’s literally no escape from the wedmin, even when you’re just settling down to watch Netflix!) with every task listed out, deadlined and highlighted. The idea is that, by having a systematic approach to the planning, we won’t end up overwhelmed with a million things still to do in the final weeks; if all goes to plan, most things should be ticked off and dealt with weeks in advance. It seems to be keeping us on track so far - and if nothing else, it’s a great chance for me to go to town with the highlighter pens.

The biggest job at the moment is finalising the design of our invitations (and the all-important guestlist) and preparing to send them later this month - although whether that deadline is doable remains to be seen, the days are flying past! So I’m squirreling away making sure our wedding website is completed, and sourcing envelopes and pens in the perfect shade of rose gold, whilst Lewis hones in on the final details for the actual invitations and gets them ready to send to the printers. This part is actually making me really quite nervous; aside from the save the dates, which were sent way back in October, this is the first glimpse that our guests will have of our wedding, so they need to be perfect (and they need to be correct!).

I’ve also been very busy getting my DIY on in the past few weeks. We wanted to DIY as much as possible, so I’ve been creating some homemade decor elements, which has been hugely satisfying. I’ve bought my first hot glue gun (why on earth did I wait til now?) and our living room currently looks like a branch of Hobbycraft. Spending my evenings gluing and sewing whilst bingeing episodes of Say Yes To The Dress - does it get more wedding cliche than that?

Moving on to the more glam elements, I’ve booked in a day with my beautiful bridesmaids in May, to get them fitted for their dresses. I’m very lucky that one of my girls has a total dream of a mum, who’s very kindly offered to alter the dresses for me. So the girls are coming over for a day of fizz and cake, to get pinned into their dresses and try them on with their shoes, ready for the lovely Hazel to work her magic on. It will be the first time that I’ll have seen all three girls in the dresses at the same time, which I’m sure will be very surreal, but I’m so looking forward to some quality time with them before the real craziness begins. 

In terms of my own look, I’m pulling things together gradually; the dress is sorted, and I found some shoes last year that I really love, as well as a bag - but the hunt for accessories and jewellery is continuing and is actually quite tricky. Recommendations are welcome! 

I’m also booking in for my first hair and makeup trial with my makeup artist/hairdresser, the gorgeous Gosia. I recently got to roadtest my moodboard with a bridal makeup masterclass at Bobbi Brown in Edinburgh, which I’ll be writing about on my own blog too, so now I’m all fired up to try it out for real with Gosia and see how I feel about the finished look. It means I definitely need to start making decisions about what exactly I’m going to wear in my hair...

My dress fittings will be starting fairly soon, so I’m currently trying to resist the Easter chocolate (not entirely, what do you take me for?). I’m planning to take my lovely mother-in-law with me to Olive Jones so that she can see the dress before the big day, and then we can celebrate afterwards. She’s been so amazing throughout the process, so supportive of us and such a huge help in recent weeks, I couldn’t have managed it without her support, so I am really looking forward to us having some time together that we can look back on and treasure. Lewis is also booked in for his fittings later this month, and he’s taking his groomsmen to get fitted for their outfits too - that ball is well and truly rolling now…

Sometime soon, we’re going to start working on our ceremony, which is the part of planning that I’ve been most looking forward to. I’ve been researching readings, jotting down notes for vows and looking into traditions to try and find the right options for us, ahead of when the real work starts with our celebrant, the lovely Claire. It’s the very essence of what the wedding is all about, so I’m very excited to work together to create something that feels befitting of the occasion, but also still very ‘us’ - no jokey vows here, I’m taking this part very seriously!

And the opposite of serious - we have the hen and stag parties on the horizon. I know when and roughly where mine is, and I’m so pleased that I don’t know much else, I literally couldn’t fit any more planning into my head. My girls have been working so hard to plan this weekend for me and I’m so excited to see what they’ve done, I’m sure it will be fabulous, glamorous and the most fun I’ll have had for ages! I’ve got a few months to go yet before the big weekend arrives, but the thought of it keeps me going on the days when it feels like the wedmin is neverending. 

So - in a nutshell - there’s a hell of a lot going on, and even on the more stressful days, it’s all so much fun. I literally won’t know what to do with all this spare time (and money!) that I’ll have once it’s all over, but whilst we’re in the midst of it, we’re going to love it as much as we can - it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience after all!

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