a beautiful outdoor humanist wedding under the trees at broxmouth park

Cat and Rick were married on 23rd June at Broxmouth Park in Dunbar. They were planning their wedding for just shy of six months. “We got engaged on Christmas Eve 2017, and we were planning from day one! We actually found this totally manageable to do – most things were booked by the end of January! The most stressful thing was when people didn’t communicate with us well, other than that it was pretty stress-free.” Huge thanks to the lovely Liana from Firefly & Embers Photography for sharing her images of the day; you can find Liana on her website, Facebook and Instagram.

"We wanted somewhere out of the city, somewhere where we could feel like we existed in our own wee bubble for the weekend with just our friends and families around us. When we saw Broxmouth we were blown away by the beauty of the house and the gardens, and the history linked with it too (Catriona is a History teacher). They did deals which meant we had exclusive use of the venue and voila – our ideal wedding bubble was created!”

“We had a Humanist ceremony which we loved. We chose a Humanist in part because Cat’s grandpa had passed away less than a year before we got married and he had had a Humanist funeral which just seemed very fitting. It was all about us as a couple and our story, as well as introducing our wedding party and the roles they each played in our lives. A lot of people said they hadn’t been to one before and that they hadn’t been sure about it, but that they really enjoyed it as they felt they got to know more about us.”

“We planned our wedding the way we plan anything – I sifted through everything and presented Rick with the best options she could find! We would always make a final decision together. We also both went to a couple of wedding fairs together. We fell out over nothing, as it was the bigger picture we both agreed on, the finer details we often felt neither here nor there about, we just wanted to be married.”

“Wedding fairs are a lot of fun! If you pick the right ones they are often free as well, and with fizz! We came away from one pretty tipsy, before going to look at wedding bands in a shop that also gave us bubbles, it was great. We rarely got stressed about planning, if we were stressed it was because we hadn’t heard from someone else, rather than because we had argued or something. We enjoyed the planning process as a whole, we felt like we were in our own world the whole time, and like you were floating on air. As soon as you mentioned to someone during the process that you were engaged and planning the wedding, it was all smiles and I really enjoyed that. Booking the venue was a great feeling, and every time we returned there it felt amazing.”

"Rick already owned his kilt and outfit, as it had been bought for his brother’s wedding in New Zealand three years before.”

"Cat bought the first dress she tried on, in the only shop she looked in! I knew that with planning a wedding in under six months that I had to be quick with getting a dress. I went to Kavelle in Edinburgh and they were so helpful. I had never been someone who knew what their wedding dress would look like, I hadn’t been in a wedding dress shop before! I did know some things I DIDN’T want (strapless, and silk for example), and the woman in the shop was so helpful, pulling things off the shelves for me to try. I tried on the first dress and was blown away and none of the other dresses compared, despite how lovely they were. I felt so lucky too when I was able to buy off the rack with minor alterations, and at a discount! I loved my dress and still have it, although I don’t know what to do with it now. It is a Pronovias dress, I am absolutely in love with it and felt amazing in it on the day.”

"It is so cliché but we both had the most amazing day, it was the best of our lives. Our faces actually hurt from smiling so much that day. Guess it would be just seeing everyone that you love in the one place at once. Being able to talk to everyone and see how much love there is in one space, it is pretty overwhelming and something that both of us commented on. We felt like celebrities for the day and our friends and families just made us feel so loved. We also both really enjoyed the speeches, all 3 speeches were really well delivered and I have heard great feedback about all 3. Also, the fact we were able to get married outside under a 500 year old cedar tree was pretty spectacular, we were really lucky that Scotland was having it’s best summer for a long time. Seeing guys in kilts and sunglasses at the ceremony was pretty special!”

"We had an advice jar for opening on our first anniversary, it was something we decided literally a day or two before to include. We have heard that a lot of people drunkenly put in advice and we are really excited to see what people have said as we feel it may take us back to the merry mood of the evening! We also created our own flavoured gin favours which was a lot of fun making, with personalised stamped labels too, a lot of guests said that they enjoyed those as they were rose and violet flavoured.”

“For me there are two moments that stand out; the first is when my dad came and saw me for the first time. He is not a ‘crier’ but he instantly burst into tears and actually turned away from me. I could tell that he felt really proud and thought I looked beautiful. He also gave a brilliant speech, in which he told me how beautiful I looked and how proud he is of me, and again he got teary, this was really special to me. The other big moment was our first dance, I felt like there was no one else was there and felt so much love for Rick at that moment. I cried during our first dance as again, I just felt so overwhelmed with love.”

“After a morning of sometimes feeling relaxed and sometimes wishing the time would pass more quickly, it felt like everything was going well but I couldn't wait for the moment I got to see Cat again.  When she walked down the aisle and looked so beautiful I wanted to grab her and hug her but felt I had to wait until the ceremony was over.  When we finally walked away together as a married couple and got to spend time laughing and holding each other it was really special.  Our photographer took us away and we walked around different parts of the venue getting photos done.  This was amazing because after the long wait we got to finally be ourselves with each other again and enjoy being married for the first time in a beautiful setting in the sunshine!”

“Don't argue and keep your sights on what really matters. That is what we did. We realised that what was important to us was getting married surrounded by people we love, and that if we could have some decent food and good music then that would be a plus! Don’t stress on the day either. I felt so happy and relaxed and just enjoyed it! Some people commented on how chilled I seemed eating the late night food in my wedding dress without a care in the world – despite the food being hard-to-eat tacos and shots of tequila!”

“Know that people will understand your decisions and put your own wishes first.  You won't really care if anything goes wrong because no matter what you'll be married at the end of it!  Everyone is there because they love and support you so remember that.  Prepare your speech structure and content but don't worry about it too much.  Do your research (regarding speeches, venues, ceremony, etc) but don't feel things have to be perfect.  Most of the guests will only remember: the food, the band and how cheap (or not) the bar was!”


Venue: Broxmouth Park

Band: The Jenni Gibb Band

Florist: Sweetpea Florist

Cakemaker: Rick’s mum, Maureen baked a two tier cake and it was decorated by my good friend Jess Simpson of Calderwood Cakes

Make Up/Hair: Make Up Alex Milne // Hair Melissa Wilkie based in Tranent

Bridal Outfit: Pronovias from Kavelle Edinburgh

Bridesmaids Outfits: ASOS

Stationery: I found a seller on Not On The High Street called Geri loves Emi Paper Co and she was amazing, I loved our stationery and she was really great at communication too

Favours: Homemade

Photographer: Firefly & Embers Photography

“Liana, our photographer, was genuinely amazing on the day – she made us feel so comfortable and like we couldn't do anything wrong.  She captured everything without ever seeming to need to direct us and was everything we could have hoped for.  The end results are also so amazing – when I first saw her work at a wedding fayre it really stood out from all the others and I was sold straight away, so getting the photos back was like reliving the day and we were delighted. Liana made us feel amazing that day, she was brilliant and we LOVED our photos.”

“My hair and make up ladies were also sensational, starting with the fact they both turned up bang on time in the morning which instantly put me at ease. We had figured out a timetable so that we never collided with each other having our hair and make up done, so they each had to do myself and five other ladies yet it ran like clock work and we all felt like celebrities for the day!”