an intimate, remote and stunning elopement at crear

Noelle and Alex were married on 3rd February at Crear and were planning their wedding for around a year. They travelled from their home in Singapore and were photographed by Julian Gyula Zacsfalvi. Huge thanks to Julian for sharing his images and you can find him on his website, Facebook and Instagram.

“We got engaged the previous year on a road trip through Scotland so liked the idea of getting married in the same region. We also love how outdoorsy, calm and remote it feels.”

“We have family split between Australia and England so wanted something very small, in a neutral location so relatives wouldn’t feel obliged to travel”

“Designing our rings was a really new and fun experience - working with a jeweller to take our original concept and sketches and watching her bring it to life as a group of matching rings.”

“Everything was pretty smooth as the Wee Weddings team took care of a lot of the process. We did decide to order a cake for the event from Glasgow which meant a tricky drive holding a cake still on our lap!”

“We both worked together as a team, agreeing together who would do what and helping each other if we got stuck - but as the event was so small the planning was kept to a minimum.”

“Choosing my outfit was quite difficult in the beginning because I never really thought too much about it before. I was nervous for my first few visits to boutiques - but after a few visits and online research, I found the shape that suited me, and then booked appointments with places that had my favourite designers.”

“The one that was chosen was a random one on the rack that wasn’t even part of the dresses I asked to look at, but it stood out because it felt very different and it just stuck with me. The only really challenging part was deciding if I should get the dress in London or Singapore and timing it with the fittings.”

“We had a Humanist ceremony. My favourite part was walking together across the field behind a piper to the ceremony location. We initially thought we wouldn’t want a piper – he was part of the package – but I’m glad we kept it as the walk and the music gave us great memories.”

“Apart from the walk to the venue I think the whole evening was memorable, sitting down to a home cooked feast in a cottage surrounded by beautiful countryside and our little Labrador pup.”

“Focus on what you want to do for your wedding. Try to keep the event faithful to your own style rather than trying to please others - after all, it’s your special day.”


Venue: Wee Weddings

Photographer: Julian Gyula Zacsfalvi

“We didn’t want to invest in a lot of extras in our elopement, but having photographs to remember the day was really important to us - and it was important to us that it didn’t feel cheesy. Julian got to know us as people, understood what we were after and how that fit with his own aesthetic and really captured our wedding perfectly. He had researched the area beforehand so had a plan, and even with the logistics at the end, everything was so easy and seamless with him.”