our blogging bride | the finer details...

This past month, things have been stepping up a gear once again; May and June have been marriage-mad. Which is great for me, I’m having the time of my life! We’ve been planning more and more of those finer details in the last few weeks, and the closer  the wedding gets, the more excited I am. Who knows what I’ll be like come September…

Suddenly, it all feels very real. I had a realisation recently that all of this stuff isn’t hypothetical - it’s really happening, and I’ll really be right in the middle of it. There’s a hen, and it’s mine. There’s a bride, and it will be me(!). I feel like in some sense I’ve approached the planning like I would for a client, being very methodical, but it feels like now I’m allowed to get really excited and throw myself into everything, because there’s only a very limited time left and then it’s actually here.

So, what have we been doing?

One of the biggest jobs has been arranging transport for the wedding day. I was set on getting a taxi; my getting-ready location is ten minutes from the venue and I didn’t feel the need to go big on a flashy wedding car. But then the fear set in. What if a taxi turned up and it was grubby? What if it didn’t turn up at all? What if (as I’ve heard has happened) the taxi turned up and then indignantly refused to take me, because I hadn’t booked it as a wedding car?

So I had a look online at the options, and to be honest, I was overwhelmed by the cost. Booking a wedding taxi is nigh on £200, which just seems wild for what is essentially a cab that will carry on its regular day afterwards. So I looked into actual wedding cars and just about wept, with quotes coming in for hundreds of pounds. Walking started to look like a good idea…

And then, I saw a gorgeous styled shoot at my venue, The Engine Works, which had used the most beautiful ivory vintage VW Beetle. The most ‘me’ wedding car I could think of - it seemed like a no-brainer! I tracked down the company - Tartan Dubs 4 Hire and made an enquiry, and thankfully, it’s an affordable option. Plus, it’s actually perfect - my dream car (called Valentine, how cute!) that’s clearly very loved, and will be all dressed up in ribbons and flowers on the day. It will make such a cool addition to our wedding photos too, it looks so amazing parked outside The Engine Works so I have no doubt about that. There’s lots of pics of it in situ on their Instagram too, it’s just so chic!

If you’re interested in something similar I’d definitely recommend them - so far, the owner Jo has been super helpful and accommodating with our requests, and I know that they’ll be great on the day. I can’t wait for it to pull up outside. Any brides looking for a retro wedding car, get on it!

The next big thing was the venue itself. Lewis and I were waiting on tenterhooks for its first wedding to happen in mid-May, and then it did and it looked lovely - the relief was real. And then we viewed it ourselves, for the first time since January. Floors are down, walls are painted, there’s a bar(!) and the garden and ceremony building both look gorgeous. It’s such a relief to see it looking the way we hoped that it would. Our amazing photographer Caro Weiss just shot her first wedding there too and it looks incredible, it makes it all so real seeing our suppliers in our actual venue.

We’re heading back next month for a walk-through with our florist, the fabulous Natalie Dalziel (a Braw Brides recommended supplier!) and hopefully we’ll have our final meetings not long after that. Seeing our venue in a pretty-much-finished state made it so much easier for us to really visualise how our day will look and feel, and we’re so much more excited about it all now.

Screenshot 2019-07-01 at 15.42.48.png

We also had a meeting with our band, which I literally couldn’t be more excited about. If you remember, the band was the first thing we booked, and they are amazing. I think they’re going to make the night so much fun and I’m convinced our guests will adore them. I’ve already pre-warned some evening guests that if they don’t arrive promptly, they’ll have to wait until the band takes a break to chat to me, as I’ll be on the dance floor for the rest of the evening...

I’ve had my first hair and makeup trial with the wonderful Gosia; we took a full afternoon and played around with a few ideas, and then Gosia sent me out on the town to put it through its paces. I only have a few tiny things that I want to change ahead of our next trial, I learned that I really just want to look like myself, an elevated version of my usual makeup and hair. Gosia’s a great choice if you’re looking for a Glasgow-based MUA; very chilled and so funny and kind, she’s a lovely person to be around and her work is just gorgeous - I waltzed out of her flat feeling so pretty and glossy! She really listens and just gets what you want, which is great for someone like me, who’s very particular about how they like to look.

Possibly the most exciting thing to have happened in the past few weeks was that we had our first planning meeting with our celebrant, to start working on our ceremony. We’re having the truly lovely Claire perform our wedding ceremony and we couldn’t be happier with our choice. The meeting was so relaxed and we felt really able to talk to her openly about what we want our wedding to be like. She’s given us our homework and I (classic nerd behaviour here) am already squirrelling away on it!

Screenshot 2019-07-01 at 15.43.17.png

Before our meeting with Claire, I was sent a really useful book which I wanted to share with you in case you have this stage of planning coming up too. ‘We Do!’ is a guide to Humanist weddings written by Humanist celebrant Tim Maguire. It makes the process of planning a ceremony really personal and very exciting; it gave us both lots of inspiration for how we want our ceremony to be. There’s chapters on symbolic gestures, ceremony types, the homework you need to complete and how to write your own vows, which is the next thing we need to look at after the homework is completed. We’re planning a little date night sometime next month to swap notes and read what we have both written, which sounds both super emotional and lots of fun! This is really the bit of the wedding planning that I couldn’t wait to get started on; it’s by far the most meaningful, important part. We are booked to go and give notice at the end of this month and after that, it all gets incredibly real. Only three months left to go!