a romantic, stylish scottish wedding in a polytunnel at colstoun house

Alice and Gareth were married on 10th March at Colstoun House. They were planning their wedding for eight months. Huge thanks to the lovely Solen from Solen Photography for sharing her images of the day with us. You can contact her on her website, Facebook and Instagram.

“We wanted a space that was unique (which we appreciate is ironically not an original idea) but still catered to our needs and fit the ‘design’ we both had in our heads. Alice wanted outdoor space, greenery and a family feel; Gareth wanted something with a slightly ‘edgier’, industrial aesthetic. We never thought we’d get married in a ‘country house’ – but the flexibility of the space was what sold it. A really cool blank canvas of a party room, a crazy quirky/beautiful manor to sleep in – and above all, a unique, softly lit polytunnel for the actual ceremony.”

“The highlight of the planning was definitely the day we got to taste the food. Firstly, it was the first time it all felt ‘real’. On top of that, food is important to us in that Alice loves to cook (and Gareth loves to eat). We associate good food with family – so getting to see our menu come to life was awesome. Also, Gareth famously said ‘holy fuck’ after tasting the soup and it’s kind of become an in-joke for us now.”

“Gareth loves to design and he arguably had a clearer ‘vision’ of how he wanted it to look than most stereotypical teenage girls dreaming about their ‘perfect day’. However, sometimes (often) his ideas can run away from him and so my role was often to coordinate, plan and temper some of the crazier ideas - such as his grand plans to hand-make over two hundred metres of macramé bunting. But, to be honest, this is strangely emblematic of our relationship as a whole; he dreams big and I help make it happen, and he makes me dream more than I would otherwise. So, it’s kinda nice.”

“I am quite frugal at heart, but didn’t end up having a budget wedding by any means. So, I used my dress as an opportunity to save money. I basically did all my browsing online, bought a few things to try and returned them. In the end I got my dress from Mango. It was low-key, floaty, off-white and super comfortable; when paired with the vintage scarf from my mum and a handmade flower crown, I was really happy with how it looked!”

“Our ceremony was conducted by an Interfaith Minister. We’re both somewhat avowed atheists from religious families. Whilst we identify with a lot of Humanist ideals, we’re not active Humanists, so (with no disrespect to those that do) we would have felt a little hypocritical having such a ceremony. We discovered the Interfaith Seminary – whose ministers specialise in marrying those of any faith, mixed faith or no faith. We worked with our celebrant to create a ceremony reflective of our beliefs, but hopefully sensitive and inclusive of the beliefs of our family. This way we could incorporate traditions and music of those beliefs which we felt was something we couldn’t have done otherwise.”

“Neither Gareth nor I particularly wanted a first dance. Instead, Gareth ‘surprised’ me by singing me a ‘first song’ – the Book of Love by the Magnetic Fields. I have put ‘surprised’ in quotes because unfortunately I discovered this four months in advance when he accidentally copied me into an email with the band about this idea…!”

“I appreciate its stereotypical, but I’ll never forget watching Alice walk up the aisle. I also remember an overwhelming feeling at the time that everyone in the room was there for us and to watch us say we love each other. It was really moving.”

“We play football together in a mixed gender, mixed ability football group, eloquently referred to as the ‘Shit Football Association.’ Many of our friends do this also. As part of our outdoor entertainment stuff, we had bought a second hand foosball table, and had printed out the faces of all the other members/wedding guests onto the players! It kinda sums up the wedding in that we bought it second hand, personalised it, and made something kinda cool.”

“The immediate time after the ceremony, escaping with our photographer to take some nice photos in a pretty idyllic greenhouse is my clearest memory….”

“There was this amazing fig tree. Now, figs always remind me of that moment which is super corny.”

“Once you get the big stuff out of the way (venue, food, band etc), try not to stress about the rest. We both really enjoyed designing all the details but very nearly got carried away. Gareth now concedes we didn’t need to make two hundred metres of macramé bunting. Barely.”


Venue: Colstoun House

Band: Homecoming String Band

Caterer: Bespoke Catering

Florist: Bouquets/boutonnieres from Tomnah’a Flowers. All others bought wholesale via Triangle Nursery

Cakemaker: Alice and her friend Katy

Make Up/Hair: Kate Elliot-Muir

Bridal Outfit: Mango and a vintage shop

Bridesmaids Outfits: Coast (tops), ASOS (skirts)

Grooms Outfit: Moss Brothers for the blazer, tartan trews from Slanj

Stationery: Handmade

Favours: Handmade

Photographer: Solen Photography

Videographer: Pete from Codeword Zebra

“Our caterers were exceptional; flexible with budget and menu, really helpful at guiding us through the process (and on the day acted as makeshift organisers!) and also the food was exceptional and universally loved. We’ll definitely use them the next time we get married!”