our blogging bride and her city hen

Ok, I’m going to say it: THE WEDDING IS NEXT MONTH. What?!

I’m currently in a limbo state of feeling like we should be on a constant merry-go-round of wedding activity, but also scrabbling around to find something, anything, to do. It feels a little bit like we’re at the top of the helter-skelter, ready to descend any minute into madness but just not quite there yet…

Don’t get me wrong, there’s lots to do, but it’s the kind of stuff that can’t really get done until closer to the time. There’s quite a few things that rely on other people doing their bits and vendors confirming too, and everything else, I find myself in a dither. Everything’s up for debate, even the stuff that I admittedly don’t really care about. Bridesmaids’ getting-ready robes - sorry girls, but it’s not exactly at the top of my list - but I still find myself spending literally hours and hours trying to decide on them. Napkins; I bought them months ago, and now I’m pondering if the colour isn’t exactly right. It’s true what they say - weddings send you a bit doolally in the end, even if you’re determined to channel your chill and remain Zen Bride.

I’m not feeling particularly worried; everything’s noted down on our infamous monthly wall chart, and now there’s only two of them left, everything feels doable. So now we can focus on the really super fun stuff instead!

And the most fun of all? My long-awaited hen weekend, which was honestly one of the best weekends of my life. My amazing friends really pulled it out of the bag and made it so special for me; I’m still a bit blue that it’s over but I’ve printed a million photos and keep reliving the best bits through my Instagram Stories. 

We went down to London for the weekend, which was an idea I’d thrown into the ring a while back. Since the wedding is in my ‘new home’ in Scotland (not so new, I’ve literally been here half my life), I thought it might be cute to have the hen in my original hometown, and head back to London for the weekend. And the girls did good! Aside from the destination, it was a complete surprise. I usually like to know what I’m doing but I was very, very happy to let the girls run with it and just find things out as they came along, it made for such an exciting weekend. 

Blogging Bride Hen Do

We hopped on the train at Waverley for a prosecco- and sweetie-fuelled journey down, complete with sashes, veils, garters and even little badges with my ‘engagement reaction’ picture on, which was just adorable. Eventually we arrived at the apartment the girls had booked, and they’d kitted it out with balloons and banners and decorations, all matching the wedding colour scheme (sneaky - some of the decs even matched things I have actually bought for the wedding, couldn’t have been more spot-on!) and with goodie bags and hangover kits for everyone - the attention to detail was unbelievable. They then zipped me over to the other side of town for drinks with my sister-in-law and cuddles with my baby niece, which was glorious.

The first night was ‘French Night’, in homage to our Parisian engagement. The girls all wore French-themed outfits (cue lots of Breton stripes), red berets and moustaches, and gave me a little white beret of my own, and then we headed off to a gorgeous French restaurant for dinner, with a surprise visit to the rooftop French jazz club upstairs afterwards. It was so chic; hardly anyone could believe we were a hen party!

Saturday was a little less elegant but just as much fun; I like to think of it more as ‘Carry On Hen’. We went to Drink, Shop & Do in King’s Cross for an afternoon tea and a crafting class, where we made sequin nipple tassels (which we then had a great time showing off on Instagram, safe to say the fizz was flowing by this point…). We had cocktails in my hometown of Greenwich, and then got all dressed up to go and see ‘professional acrobats’... aka a show I can only describe as a ‘Magic Mike tribute night’. It was probably one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen… Then we headed home for karaoke, dancing and a PJ party, the girlie sleepover of my dreams - it was the best night and my girls couldn’t have done better. 

So now I’m back home, Lewis is back from his own stag in one piece (thankfully) and we have seven weeks left to go at the time of writing, so even the admin is fun at this stage.

The best admin task by far has been my first dress fitting, back at the wonderful Olive Jones, which was last weekend. It was so wonderful to put my dress back on, and it felt really real trying it on with my shoes for the first time. I wasn’t worried about the fitting at all, and I loved my dress all over again - I can’t wait to show it to everyone. It’s the best thing I’ve ever worn and everything feels so bland and boring in comparison, my wardrobe is going to feel very drab post-wedding… I took my mother-in-law with me to this fitting so that she could see the dress, and I adored having her there, it was such a special thing for us to share. Luckily, she loved it too!

The next few weeks are a blur of vendor meetings, final decisions, buying last-minute decorations, chasing those pesky RSVPs and drafting the seating plan… wish us luck! But we’re determined to fill these last few weeks with as much love and celebration as we can, alongside all of the last-minute planning. I can’t wait to see what the next seven weeks holds!

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