our blogging bride | it's wedding week!

It’s wedding week! Twenty one months after we got engaged and here we are, literally days away...

The to-do lists are dwindling (but spread across multiple notebooks, wall charts and apps), the living room of our flat has been almost entirely taken over by decorations, and the final bills have all been paid… It’s really nearly here!

All the decor has been bought or made, stationery has been sent to the printers, music and flower and food choices have been finalised, vows have been written, the tiniest of tiny details has been considered, and what is quite possibly the world’s most detailed schedule has been issued to all of our suppliers (probably to their amusement, I won’t lie).

Even the outfit admin is almost done. I had a gorgeous fitting at Olive Jones a few days ago, where I finally got to try on my full outfit from top to toe, and finally there’s a date in the calendar to go and collect my dream dress, after a few more tiny tweaks. I can’t wait to show it to everyone - it’s my favourite thing I’ve ever worn, I just love everything about it and never imagined I would have such a perfect dress for my wedding day. Consider this my mission statement to have it turned into something a little more wearable in the future...

Lewis’ outfit is all ready to go, after a trip to MacGregor MacDuff in Glasgow to collect his kilt, and a visit to the Loake store in Edinburgh to pick up his beautiful ghillie brogues, which he’s been wearing around the house ever since, to get them ready for all the dancing. I’m so pleased that he’s got the outfit that he really wanted for the wedding, down to those perfect shoes - he’s going to look so incredible.

So, what’s left to do, seeing as it’s really the smallest things left on the infamous lists by now? Packing everything up and getting it over to Glasgow (without forgetting anything) is probably the most major job, which we’re completing the day before the wedding, with the help of my amazing in-laws (and their van). From there, most of the bridal party will be waiting for us at the venue, where we’ll be trying to turn the empty space into our boho/industrial wedding of dreams. Wish us luck!

Laura will soon be arriving at The Engine Works in this cute beetle from  Tartan Dubs 4 Hire   Image by  Lena Sabala  from a styled shoot ft.  Wedding Flowers by Susan  //  Revify  //  Make Up by Leigh Blaney  //  Owsianka Hair  //  Unbridaled Boutique  //  The Unlikely Painter  //  MacGregor + MacDuff  // Models Anna + Ryan

Laura will soon be arriving at The Engine Works in this cute beetle from Tartan Dubs 4 Hire

Image by Lena Sabala from a styled shoot ft. Wedding Flowers by Susan // Revify // Make Up by Leigh Blaney // Owsianka Hair // Unbridaled Boutique // The Unlikely Painter // MacGregor + MacDuff // Models Anna + Ryan

Other than that, it’s tiny jobs that are taking up the time now: writing cards, arranging gifts, finishing speeches, choosing a lipstick, booking my hair and nail appointments, avidly checking the weather and hunting around for something suitable to borrow for the ‘borrowed’... Almost everything is done. I know, I can barely believe it either. On top of all that, everything is paid for, which didn’t hurt nearly as much as I anticipated it would. The bonus of loving everything you’ve booked for your wedding is that you actually don’t mind spending the money on it, at all. 

Somehow, I’ve managed to find some time to enjoy some little luxuries. At the weekend, I was invited along to The Balmoral in Edinburgh to visit the beautiful spa and enjoy an Irene Forte brightening facial; this is an experience I would absolutely recommend. Three weeks before the big day, swanning around the sauna and steam room, sitting around the pool and then heading in for a very indulgent (and very effective!) facial - it was exactly what my overworked little head and stressed-out skin needed. It’s a luxury, absolutely, but this close to the wedding and after so much to think about and do, I think it’s justified. Plus, my skin looks all lovely and glowy now too!

With so little left to do, now feels like a period of reflection; time to take stock of what’s happened in our lives over the past twenty one months, forget about the admin a little and allow ourselves to really get excited about this next chapter of our life together, as husband and wife.

Even after eight years together, getting engaged was a huge surprise, and it’s been a whirlwind ever since. I’d like to think that we’ve made the most of this special time; celebrating every little milestone along the way and making sure we could document it all to look back on one day. We had a wonderful engagement party, and we’ve been showered with so much love and excitement from our friends and family. We’ve loved planning our day, coming up with ideas, getting excited about the little details that will make our day feel like a real representation of us. It’s been such a special time, I feel quite sad that it will soon be over but I’ve really loved it all.

It’s not been the easiest time in my life, and life outside of the wedding has carried on as normal - which means sadly that it’s not all sunshine and roses. There’s been family bereavements and health concerns, some of which mean that some very close family members won’t be with us on the day. There’s been real life problems, like busy work weeks, house repairs, and just general down days. The last twenty one months have been a bit of a journey, to say the least, but throughout it all, Lewis has been by my side, my best friend and my biggest fan - and although I was absolutely certain before, I’m left in no doubt that there could be no better person for me to spend my life with. 

We’ve very much enjoyed being engaged and knowing that we’re committing our lives to each other in a more formal way, but I think I speak for both of us when I say that we’re now super excited to just be married - to have our wedding day and love every second, to revel in this amazing moment in our lives together, and then to head off on honeymoon for our first adventure as Mr & Mrs. 

I feel like I’m getting a bit Gwyneth-Oscar-speech here, but I really wanted to thank everybody who’s read this the whole way through, that’s been with us from the beginning and followed us on our journey from nearlyweds to newlyweds. It’s been so lovely getting messages from some of you, to see you sharing our story, and helping me feel less adrift in the sea of should-do’s, must-haves and wish lists. I really appreciate it and I wish you all the best of luck and love on your own journeys too.

And so, I guess I’ll see you on the other side - I’m off to get married!

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