karen + craig | engagement at ashton lane

To kick off 2017 I want to share Karen and Craig with you. They were married at Kinkell Byre in St. Andrews after planning their wedding from Australia, but first of all here is their engagement shoot from Ashton Lane in the West End of Glasgow, shot by Marc at One Big Picture... you can get in touch with Marc on his websiteFacebook or Instagram.

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caragh + ryan | engagement at botanic gardens

Ryan and Caragh are getting married next month at Woodside Warehouse. Thanks to the lovely Claire Fleck for sharing her images of their uber cool engagement shoot in Ashton Lane and the Botanic Gardens with us!

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rowan + craig | pollok park

I love Rowan and Craig's pretty golden engagement shoot from Pollok Country Park, who would think this was shot in the middle of Glasgow! Huge thank you to Chantal & Scott from The Gibsons for sharing their images. You can catch them on their lovely new websiteFacebook or Instagram.

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our blogging groom | meet euan

Hello, and welcome to what could be an interesting, surely stressful, and hopefully exhilarating ride.

My name is Euan Robertson, I am a photographer and I have just proposed to Cat.

It seemed like a huge undertaking when only I (and my little sister) knew. Oh how quickly have I realised, that was the easy part.

I am going to be talking to you about planning a wedding. I’m not sure how it will go (hopefully very well) or how I will be able to translate the journey into words (hopefully quite well, let’s manage expectations here, I deal in photographs!) but I am excited about the seemingly bottomless well of potential. So many opportunities and so many variations that we could possibly try out in a quest to make the day our own. So many. So, so many…that’s a bit of a terrifying thought actually.

But first, let’s start with some context and how we got here.

I met Cat when I photographed her as part of the Cairn String Quartet with which she was, at that time, a violinist. It wasn’t the most seamless start to a relationship, but that’s a story for the pub rather than the internet. We both realised pretty quickly though, largely thanks to much red wine, that we were onto a winner (as I’m often reminded by pals, I am MK Dons taking on Man City and winning, a real FA Cup minnows story. Last football reference, promise).

We both work in the wedding industry, myself as a photographer, Cat, previously in the quartet and now as a makeup artist supremo. As such, Saturday nights are often spent with a glass of wine chatting about what we liked and (whisper) didn’t like about weddings we’d been at that day. Without knowing it (maybe she did?!) we were making the early plans for our wedding. I still hadn’t proposed.

That came on Monday 24th August this year. We were at Monachyle Mhor where a couple of months earlier we had worked a wedding together (as featured on the wonderful Braw Brides!). It’s an incredible place. Partly because mobile phone masts don’t seem to have made it that far, and partly because we had our own steam room!

Having no idea how I was going to pop the question, and with a weighty (figuratively and literally) ring in my pocket, we went for a walk. Cat is well versed in patiently waiting on me as I stop to take photos. I actually think she’s probably come to enjoy it by now. So it didn’t seem to phase her when I started balancing my camera on her handbag to get a rare photo of us together amidst the stunning scenery.

I triggered the camera timer from my phone and as she was counting down, I dropped to one knee, held up the ring and said…well, I don’t really know what I said. I was definitely shaking. Bricking it a bit. Her immediate response was “Is this for real?” And that, is the expression forever captured in pixels. 

I had bought the ring a couple of months previously. I had a very rough idea of what I thought she would like (no gold, no diamond) and was having a hell of a time trying to find something that I liked. I was looking online and saw a couple of awesome rings that were quickly removed from the search due to the number of zeros that accompanied them. Deciding I had to get some serious help, I shadily snuck into an actual jewellers, irrationally terrified that I’d be spotted and outed. This obviously didn’t happen and I found something that I loved pretty much straight away. Thankfully my choice went down well, and reassured Cat that it was, in fact, for real.

Next time I’ll be talking about the morning after. The realisation that now the proposal is done, a wedding needs to be planned!

Thanks for reading and get in touch if you have advice to share, words to ease the fear, or any thoughts on what you’d like me to talk about (or brace myself for).

Till next time...