styled shoot | colour explosion

So while I had my feet up in preparation for the birth of my braw baby, some of #teamBB were dreaming up this amazing coloured shoot to give all your brides to be some seriously vibrant inspiration! This was Gail from Rooftop Mosaic's baby and was all put together with help from Betty BluebellEmma Leigh: Make Up ArtistSuzanne Esper Cakes and Esther Catherine.

Gail told us about her inspiration for the shoot:

"I'd been following trends on Pinterest showing bright colours and patterns creeping into wedding colour schemes and I liked the idea of taking this further. When you think wedding you think of the colour white, white dress, white linens, white cake. I wanted to try and have a set up for a wedding that featured as little of that as possible. The cake, the shoes, the flowers, even the dress! I wanted them all to be really brightly coloured. I think my exact description/brief for the other suppliers was "think posh rave!"

"A while ago Braw Brides did a post on coloured wedding dresses and ever since then I've been pinning wedding dresses in an array of colours to my wedding day fashion inspiration Pinterest board!

I'm a big fan of doing things differently on your wedding day. So when the lovely Esther Catherine produced a purple/blue wedding dress for our styled shoot I squealed with excitement. Suzanne Esper Cakes made an amazing brightly coloured cake with fabulous patterns on it. Add in Emma from Betty Bluebell's styling and beautiful bright flowers and our shoot was starting to take place. The ultra retro Emma Leigh provided fabulous colourful and dramatic eyes and an amazing up do that incorporated Emma's fabulous floral crown."

"After that all we needed was a location and a model. Since this was a mini styled shoot we opted to just have a 'Bride' this time. Esther volunteered her friend as she fitted the measurements of the dress perfectly. Again as this was just a mini shoot we decided not to use a specific venue but just to do the shoot outside. I decided on Glasgow Green as it has lots of fabulous landmarks in it and it reminds me a lot of Paris. So think bright colours, springtime, Paris, and you've pretty much got this…"

Emma from Betty Bluebell also gave us the low down on the shoot… "When Gail suggested doing a bright, colourful shoot the words "posh rave" were uttered! We wanted as many colours to feature as possible; Esther Catherine provided a gorgeous bespoke indigo dress, sourced a neon necklace and we decided on gold glittery accessories for our model."

"In terms of styling we didn't need a lot of props for our location. I made some paper roses to hang from a tree as a backdrop and used a small vase arrangement and a red heart garland with colourful buttons to decorate the 'cake table' and compliment Suzanne Esper's stunning sugar craft."

"When I was choosing the flowers for this shoot I was looking more at the colours than the type of flower but I knew I wanted to include carnations. I follow a lot of florists on Instagram for inspiration and one of my favourites is Grace & Thorn in London. Grace & Thorn use a lot of brights in their bouquets and I am in total agreement with them that carnations are underrated! They have big, fluffy heads, they last really well and they come in a massive variety of colours including the fabulous pink I used for this shoot. As we were shooting in May, spring flowers were still readily available but peonies had started to come into season so we got the best of spring/summer! I used purple tulips, yellow freesia, orange spray rose, hot pink carnations, pale pink germini and the coral peonies that really made the designs pop."

All praise to Gail for providing these stunning images of the shoot, I am sure you will agree they are BEYOND. If you are a bride to be reading this, please take one piece of advice from us, PLEASE STYLE YOUR WEDDING LIKE THIS! We can help!

You can catch Gail on her website, Facebook and Twitter.