contemporary jewellery for brides and bridesmaids with a conscience

I was really surprised and impressed when I stumbled upon a jewellery brand with a difference and ordered a pair of their gold earrings; I haven’t been wearing earrings regularly for a while but these guys - I’ll be wearing daily! As they are an ear jacket too they can be worn two different ways, which I love. I went to London for a few days to watch tennis at Wimbledon and was able to wear these differently with the different outfits I’d packed. Check our Au Rate’s instagram to give you a further feel for their brand, ethics and style.

They are uncompromising about the origins of their materials, adhering stringently to human rights, environmental and social responsibility standards.

In partnership with Mastery Charter, Au Rate has given thousands of books to students and schools across New York City. For every purchase you make, you're putting a book directly in the hands of a child who needs it. This - I love.


If you’re looking for bespoke, contemporary jewellery for yourself or your wedding party made by an independent Scottish jeweller then my girl Jane Harrison will have your back. I am also a fan of the lovely work of Marion Made. Both Glasgow based I think these girls are flying the flag for talented jewellers in the city.

For something truly showstopping my longtime friend Lynne MacLachlan creates stunning colourful geometric jewellery that plays with light, space and colour, intending to create visual delight for wearer and viewer, and leads the way in use of 3D printing technology.

And if what you need is your bridal or bridesmaids headdress then again our Scottish jewellers Rene Walrus and Susan Dick offer a bespoke service to create your perfect piece to complement your on the day outfit.

I’d love to feature more on contemporary wedding day jewellery, show me your favourite pieces!