gill + craig | kirknewton house stables

The lovely Karolina from Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography filled me in on Gill & Craigs gorgeous wedding at Kirknewton House Stables; what a stunning venue! Big thanks to Karolina for her images and input, you can catch her on Facebook & Twitter too! "What I really like about the Kirknewton Stables is that it feels like you are on your own property. It's private and far away from busy cities and roads. The lovely owner allows the couple and photographer to take photos everywhere. They have beautiful gardens which offer great opportunity for photos. When the weather is not at its best the bride and groom can use the owners house to hide in and we can take some photos there. Trust me, it's beautiful! The whole feeling in Kirknewton Stables is rustic vintage. It has lots of windows which give beautiful light inside during the ceremony. There is easy access to the garden when its nice weather so people are not spread everywhere; they are all in the same place. I think what I like the most is that people are in the same place. The bar, tables, toilets, and garden are so close to each other that people don't disappear for ages."

"I remember when I met Gill for the first time a year before the wedding; she was so nervous that she could not organise a wedding. But when I arrived on the wedding day I was blown away! There were so many beautifulpersonalised details and what was best was that they made all of them themselves! I was very proud of Gill! She did an amazing job! Starting from the apple card holders, to a glass warmer, little gifts wrapped in vintage paper and decorated with some greens, and ending with a beautiful tree on which guests could hang their wishes for couple. I think my favourite detail was pink paper ribbons for breast cancer which where in the basket under that tree. They were very special because they had some seeds in it, you just put the ribbons in the soil and the flowers will grow for you. I still have my plant at home. Every time I look at the flower it's reminds me of the lovely wedding of Gill and Craig - a nice way to remember the day!"

"There were lots of great moments! Gill and Craig have wonderful family and friends with whom they are very very close and you can seriously see that! I loved how they were having fun together. If I have to pick one photo I would probably choose the one where Craig saw Gill walking down the aisle and his reaction, actually, both their reactions! It was priceless and one of my favourites of all time! They are made for each other! Two halves of one apple - into one..."