green pea studios | chantal lachance-gibson

I was over the moon when Chantal sent me this shoot! It is just so pretty and perfect for injecting a wee bit of Spring into our step this week! Thank you Chantal for sharing these gorgeous images with us! She told me what she loved about the shoot... "For this shoot Amanda had her beautiful daughter model for us. Amanda created three main bridal bouquets and looks along with a few smaller ones, florals for hair and button holes. We used the grounds of her home, garden and studio. I have to say the lighting on the day was incredible which made this shoot just that bit more exciting which I didn’t think was possible! Having these beautiful pieces to photograph in that setting with that light topped off with cute dogs following me around… I was in absolute heaven!"

In the heart of the Trossachs, near the stunning Lake of Menteith, these inspirational surroundings plus Amanda's love of design were instrumental in her undertaking a BA in Art and Design specialising in Site Specific Design. On completion of the course and following the purchase of a neighbouring barn and field, Amanda is delighted to put into practise what she loves, has learnt and experienced by opening Green Pea Studio. In her Studio Amanda works exclusively with her own specially grown, seasonal scented flowers creating a natural, vintage and slightly wild style of arrangement.

I asked Amanda a few questions about her work...

Can you tell me a little about your favourite flowers to work with and why?

"I am afraid I am a typical Gemini - split in my choice of favourites...

  1. Blousy romantic flowers and of course scented
  2. Natural, sculptural form e.g. nature at its most subtle and beautiful, lichen covered branches or beautiful seed heads.

As I grow my own flowers the seasons dictate my flower choice and thus stimulate creativity, so it is really lovely to be working with different key flowers each season.

Spring – Tulips, because they are the first things to flower and therefore mean spring and better weather is on its way.  There are so many shapes, sizes and colours  - something for everyone.  When arranging they are great to work with and I love the fact they are rebellious in the vase!

Summer - heavenly scented old fashioned Roses, and peony.  They are just the pinnacle of soft romanticism and never fail to put a smile on faces when given in a bouquet or posy.

Autumn - Dahlia - they close the summer season down and throw me into autumn with their bold & brazen colour and shapes – great fun and very versatile.

Add to the above my signature ingredient birch and branches, birch and catkins, birch and oodles of cottage garden flowers and you have the Green Pea Style.

When I studied for my degree in Art & Design, all my inspiration came from my rural surroundings, natures’ shape, form and oddities.  These unique ‘one-offs’  intricacies - whether a piece of bark, berried branch or larch in flower, married with an old glass vase or bunched in a creamy textured French confit pot – just make me smile.

My new motto for the website when it is finalised is ‘live life beautifully’ and working with flowers allows me to do this."

What styles and blooms do you see being popular for 2015 weddings?

"Care free Boho - loose and light flowers- scooped up meadow style with more use of wild flowers

Dutch master still life - lovely big opulent flowers like peony, roses and tulips, dahlia all used in a decadent way and clever use of soft colour- ways or atmospheric bold juxtaposed colours married with pewter and copper vessels.

Both styles will incorporate an element of the Victorian collectors’ cabinet -specimens - eggs, feathers, butterflies..."

What do you love about working in the floristry industry in Scotland?

"My background is in Art & Design and I now see many florists using creative flare producing beautiful and unique arrangements that are not only well designed and well executed but, more importantly sympathetic to the flowers being used – it makes me proud.

Personally I also now see an equivalent to the ‘slow food movement’ in flowers, there is most definitely an increase in the number of florists growing their own flowers or sourcing within the UK and therefore they learning more about the seasonality of flowers and in turn the medium they are working with – which is exciting."

You can catch Chantal on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest!