jo + larisa | hermitage cafe

Jo & Larisa's wedding is a stunningly creative, imaginative day which I hope you will love! I only wish I was there to see THIS DRESS in real life! Thankfully Lee Davidson Connor caught it all on camera and we can see the spectacular results! Jo and Larisa were married on 2nd November at The Hermitage Cafe, Edinburgh. The Hermitage Cafe comprises of incredible views from the veranda and beautiful big windows.

Jo & Larisa organised their wedding very much together, both being 100% involved. "Shopping was very fun online, designing the decorations with Jo and the incredible help we had from friends and family."

And that dress, amazing! "Inspired by Ginger Rogers ostrich feather dress, my cousin Katy Lisova designed it and made it. It is phenomenal!" I love how brave Larisa has been with her choice, the dress is spectacular and different as well as still being traditional with the gorgeous lace on her long veil. "My dress and veils were by Katya Lisova, a fantastic fashion designer from Ukraine." Larisas shoes were by Irregular Choice.

"We had a Humanist ceremony at the beautiful registry office in Edinburgh, with our own touches… such as our family walking down the aisle and we sang a surprise song just before we signed our papers." As I have said before, Humanist ceremonies can be completely personalised to you, resulting in some very memorable moments!

Larisa had so many favourite moments during their wedding day, "Seeing Jo’s wonderful smile as I nervously looked at him when I realised we are singing after all  and my worries melting instantly! Seeing the three beautiful cakes our friend made for the first time and then when the firemen came to check out the firecrackers that were put into it. Cutting the cake and then eating our chocolate bunny and penguin we had saved for this day. Our first dance to the upbeat swing song and the perfect way my dress twirled. The hilarious ‘Mr and Mrs Game’ that our friend orchestrated. The yummy food that everyone made the effort to make. The emotional reading and the pewter full of whiskey we had to drink. The surprisingly great fireworks and our guests watching them from the veranda followed by running under the autumn leaves (instead of confetti) that were thrown at us. And the endless smiles and kisses and wonderful loving looks that buzzed throughout the day."


I love how creative this couple have been with all the aspects of their day!

"All our details were very thought out… from the vintage suitcase used as ice buckets to home made chandelier to tea cups for the hot wine. We drank from champagne saucers (hired from Andrew Wilson, Edinburgh) and beer glasses decorated with silver ribbon and penguin stickers. We decorated our cutlery and plates with beautiful and funky stickers. For our guest book we asked everyone to make origami penguins and bunnies (instructions provided) and write messages on these."

This couple are so in love, Larisa's favourite memory of her day was "The beautiful love on Jo’s face through the whole day." It's so important to look past all the material things on your day and remember why you are there in the first place!

"My favourite photo is of us jumping next to St Giles Cathedral-it sums up our excitement of our relationship pre and post wedding!"

Two words of advice from Larisa, "Be flexible!" Don't think I even need to elaborate on that! You can see from the photos that Jo & Larisa were exactly that! Be creative with your photographer too, they will love you for it, and you will be left with amazing photographs of your day!

Big thanks to Jo & Larisa for sharing their big day with us and inspiring us all! And massive thanks to Lee Davidson Connor Photography for sharing the images. You can catch Lee on his website, Facebook, or Tumblr.